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A microscope is an optical instrument capable of producing a magnified image of an object by using magnifying lenses. Depending on construction structures or functions, there're a wide range of microscopes developed. They include scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope, light microscope, compound microscope, scanning tunneling microscope, x-ray microscope, and binocular microscope, etc. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) scans a specimen with electron beams, detects secondary electrons emitted from the specimen as the result of bombardment by electron beams, and displays a secondary electron image representing-the scanned objects on a display screen. A laser scan microscope has a laser scanning observation optical system which scans a laser beam over a sample (focal surface), and detects the beam transmitted through the sample by use of a detector. Scanning probe microscope (SPM) provides a microscopic analysis of the topographical features or other characteristics of a surface by causing a probe to scan the surface. It employs a technique of mapping the spatial distribution of a surface property, by localizing the influence of the property to a small probe. Scanning tunneling microscope is a scanning probe microscope in which a tunneling current flows between the probe and the sample surface. Scanning tunneling microscope produces a magnified image by moving a tiny tungsten probe across a specimen. Scanning force microscope (also known as atomic force microscope) is a scanning electron microscope which senses the topography of a surface by detecting the deflection of a cantilever as the sample is scanned. Confocal microscopes use a visible originating radiation source which is directed to a beam splitter. A confocal scanning microscope generally comprises a light source, a focusing optical system with which the light of the source is focused onto a pinhole, a beam splitter, a beam deflection device for beam control, a microscope optical system, a detection pinhole, and the detectors for detection of the reflected or fluorescent light. There are ultraviolet microscopes through which a specimen is observed by using light in the ultraviolet range or in the deep ultraviolet range (collectively referred to as ultraviolet light).

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    Manufacturer of scanning probe microscope (automated tool for performing high-resolution electrical characterization of a wide range of materials), MRAM/MTJ metrology tool to determine tunneling resistance and magneto-resistance directly on blanket magnetic tunnel junction stacks for MRAM and magnetic recording read head application, and microscopic four-point probe for general micro-scale electrical characterizations of materials. Denmark.
  • FEI Company
    Manufactures tools for nanotech, featuring focused ion- and electron-beam technologies, deliver 3D characterization, analysis and modification capabilities with resolution down to the sub-Angstrom level and provide innovative solutions for customers working in nanobiology, nanoresearch and nanorlectronics. Products include focused ion beam, laser microchemical etch and deposition, sample preparation & transfer solutions, scanning electron microscopes, stylus nanoprofilometer, and transmission electron microscopes.
  • Hypervision Inc.
    Designs, develops, and manufactures system solutions, which involve emission microscope and laser signal injection technologies. Products and services include front side and backside inspection systems, backside package and wafer sample preparation systems, test head emission microscopes, MERCAD emission microscopy systems, and MERCAD emission microscopy analysis service. USA.
  • Nanofilm Technologie GmbH
    Develops, manufactures, and distributes instruments & accessories for analysis and microscopy of surfaces in materials research, biochips, flat panel displays, langmuir-blodgett films and several other fields. Products include imaging ellipsometers, brewster angle microscope, flounder, reflection spectroscope, and additonal components such as x/y-stages, alignment-stage, liquid cell, SPR-cell, dustcovers (customer specific solution possible). Germany.
  • Pacific Nanotechnology, Inc.
    Manufacturer of laboratory scanning probe microscope, wafers and discs, light lever AFM scanner, crystal scanner, environmental cell, signal access console, heating stage, AFM/optical reference, mounted probes, and probe clip holder, for research, development, and process control applications when visualization, modification, and measurement of nanometer-sized surface structure is critical. USA.
  • Solarius Development Inc.
    Develops and manufactures a broad range of non-contact 3D laser and optical measurement systems for a wide range of applications. Products include general purpose desktop laser profiler, modular 3D profilometer for high-end surface measurements, off-line QC inspection station, confocal microscope, and multi sensor metrology system. USA.

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