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In photography, wherever a still or movie camera is used there is always a need to measure the light value. A reflective light metering device has been incorporated into lights for popular photography including video camcorders and professional cameras, the the reflective type light meters sense the light, reflected back from the subject, and in many cameras some or all of the camera settings are then made automatically. The reflective light meter determines the amount of light reflected off the subject in order to increase the output of the camera's onboard light in low light and to decrease the output in bright light. Incident type light meters are used in cinematography which requires detailed accurate measurement and close control of lighting due to the high standards sought and the limitations of photographic film. In incident light meters the light sensitive element is typically placed behind a translucent diffuser to provide a relatively broad directivity pattern in comparison to the reflective type which is typically as directional as the camera lens angle.

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  • Gossen Foto
    Manufacturer of exposure meter in digital and analog technology which comply fully to the demands of the professional photographers and also to the interested leisure-time photographer, industrial lux and luminance meters for the control of light sources, street lights, lighting of work places, public buildings, sports facilties, and for quality control and quality assurance in the manufacture of lamps and light sources. Germany.
  • International Light
    Manufacturer of research oriented light measurement equipment including portable battery powered radiometer with optional back lit display and interchangeable smart detectors, research radiometer with 10 decade dynamic range, application specific radiometer systems, NIST-traceable on-line optical monitors, low-power spectroradiometers, scanning spectroradiometer, rugged integrating radiometer and irradiance profiler, polished detector, detectors, optical filters, input optics, and accessories (tripods, power cords, computer and extension cables, cases and underwater sensor modifications). USA.
  • Megatron Ltd.
    Manufacturer of light meters and photometers (illuminance meters, white light meters, luxmeters), selenium photoelectric / photovoltaic cells, lighting control components, cricket lightmeter, euro-master II exposure meter & marine ultra-low level digital photometer for measuring photoluminescent excitation levels on ships escape routes. USA.

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