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  • Coherent, Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of laser beam analyzer, laser beam profiler, beam expanders, beam diagnostic cameras, cross-hair line generators, diode lasers, line beam, nonlinear optics, packaged bars and stacks, pyroelectric sensors, quartz beamsplitters, radius, screen diffusers, thermal smartsensor adapter, UV optical systems, variable angle diode laser mounts, and wavelength meter. USA.
  • Duma Optronics Ltd.
    Engaged in the development and manufacturing of electro-optical instrumentation, specializing in computerized measurement systems for laser beams. Products include knife edge type analyzers, beam analyzer, CCD laser beam profiler, multi channel power meter, video microscope, optical beam positioning measurement systems, optical fiber beam analysis systems, and Tailor made test stations. Israel.
  • Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of laser power meter and laser energy meter, and laser measurement instruments. The product line includes a complete range of thermopile power meters , pyroelectric energy meters and calorimeters. Also features the HBS series ( Holographic Beam Sampler ) for beam sampling as well as beam profiling equipments. Canada.
    Manufacturer of compact electronic laser power meter, calorimetric measuring device to determine the laser power, system to measure the power dissipated within water-cooled beam guiding components, measuring device for the characteristics of the unfocused laser beam, laser beam sensor, camera based measuring system for the diagnostics of VIS and NIR-lasers, measuring tool for characterization of the degree and angle of polarization, and active telescope to control the laser beam diameter. Germany.
  • RP Photonics Consulting GmbH
    Technical consulting on the optimization and characterization of laser beams. RP Photonics also offers independent advice for selecting the most suitable beam profiler or laser source. Switzerland.

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