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  • Cambridge Technology, Inc.
    Specializes in closed-loop, galvanometer based optical scanning components and supporting products. These products provide superior scanning performance to a wide variety of applications including laser marking, engraving, drilling, machining and treating, biomedical applications in ophthalmology, DNA sequencing, and confocal microscopy, laser entertainment and projection, and any application where laser beam steering is required. USA.
  • General Scanning
    Manufacturer of optical scanners and multi-axis scan heads, including wide-bandwidth moving magnet scanners for vectoring or step and hold applications, resonant scanners for high-speed raster applications, models with flexures for ultra-long life, flexible 3-axis laser scan head system, 2-axis scan head for up to 10mm clear aperture. USA.
  • Nutfield Technology, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures galvanometer based optical scanners, scan heads, control electronics and software products. Applications include laser imaging, DNA biochip analysis, direct to plate printing and virtually hundreds of laser-based material processing applications (cutting, coding, drilling, marking, welding, heat treatment, etc.) used in the manufacturing of semiconductor, electronic, telecommunication optics and automotive products. USA.
    Independent OEM manufacturer of scan solutions for deflection and positioning laser beams in three dimensions offers high-performance galvanometer scanners, servo amplifiers, scan heads, scan systems, camera adapter, and interface boards for industrial laser materials processing and for medical and biomedical technology. Germany.
  • The Optical Corporation
    Manufactures a broad range of OEM and custom optics for lasers and laser-based systems. Products include laser windows, interferometer flats, laser mirrors, prisms, galvanometer (scanner mirrors), flying height test (FHT) disks and interferometer flats, specialty coatings, mirror mounts, single and dual plate polarizer mounts, and spherical and cylindrical lens mounts. USA.

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