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Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) enables different wavelengths to be simultaneously carried over a common fiber optic waveguide. Wavelength division multiplexing increases the information carrying capacity of optical transmissions for voice communications as well as high density transmission of data. Wavelength division optical transmission requires an optical multiplexer for combining individual optical signals into a multiplexed signal and an optical demultiplexer for separating the multiplexed signal back into its discrete wavelength components. A wavelength division multiplexer (WDM) is used to combine or separate optical signals having different wavelengths. Wavelength division demultiplexers are used in optical communication circuits to separate a plurality of signals transmitted on a common carrier based upon the wavelength of the light onto which the signal is modulated. Dense wavelength division multiplexers (DWDMs) are used in optical systems for functions of combining or separating optical signals with densely packed wavelengths. Wavelength division multiplexers and demultiplexers typically include various combinations of optical elements for performing the combination and separation function respectively. Wavelength division multiplexers can also be used in fiber optic communication systems for other purposes, such as dispersion compensation, noise reduction, and gain flatting, i.e., maintaining a uniform gain within the usable bandwidth for erbium doped amplifiers.

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  • Australian Fibre Works Pty Ltd.
    Supplier of polarization maintaining components, PM coupler, PM DWDM, 200GHz DWDM, 1064nm PM coupler, 1064nm PM isolator, multimode isolator, in-line polarizer, PM RC fibre isolator, PM patch cords, high power isolator, high isolation isolator, PM circulator, wavelength division multiplexer, singlemode coupler and standard SM and MM patch cords.
  • Luvantix
    Manufacturer of splitter chip, splitter, V-groove chip, standard single window fiber coupler, single window wideband fiber coupler, dual window wideband fiber coupler, wavelength division multiplexer (WDM), pump WDM, standard fiber array, hermetic sealing fiber array, SMF ribbon fiber for devices, UV curable adhesives, primary & secondary coating resins.
  • Oplink Communications
    Designs, manufactures and supplies fiber optic products and services that serve as critical building blocks for the telecommunications industry. Products for fiberoptic communications range from discrete components to modules and subsystems, including thin-film filter, planer-waveguide, and fuse-based wavelength division multiplexers, opto-mechanical switches, optical circulators, power/Tap couplers, WDM and Band splitters, splitter modules, variable optical attenuators, power monitors, optical amplifier, chromatic dispersion compensation module, transponder and transdaptor modules. USA.
  • Optokon Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of fiber optic connectors, standard and custom cable assemblies, optical backplane solutions (including high density ribbon cables), modular cable management systems for network distribution, passive optical network devices, such as terminators, attenuators, couplers, wavelength division Multiplexers, patchcords, optical distribution frames, media converters, optical fibers, and other system solution products. Czech.
  • WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc.
    Offers a broad range of high performance passive and active optical components for enterprise and residential broadband networks. Develops, manufactures, and distributes fused fiber and planar lightguide circuit products, including pump laser combiners, optical channel interleavers, arrayed waveguide gratings, couplers, WDMs, and add/drop thin-film filters. USA.

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