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Fiber optic systems have been used to transmit a variety of analog and digital signals. In a typical fiber optic communication system, a transmitter and an amplifier are coupled together to produce and amplify a signal to be transmitted over a long distance. Fiber optic data transmission systems comprise a fiber optic transmitter such as a solid state light-emitting device, and an optical fiber for carrying the digital output of the fiber optic transmitter. Solid state light-emitting devices commonly used in fiber optic data transmission systems include light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes.

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  • Cubic Wafer, Inc.
    Develops proprietary process technology and performs design services that enable dense vertical integration of semiconductors without the use of wire bonds, adhesives, or spacers and without the size and scalability limitations of conventional flip-chip bonding. Cubic Wafer's components include transmitters, receivers, and transceivers designed to be integrated into devices such as network interface cards made by other equipment makers. USA.
  • Dewell Elecom Inc.
    Develops telecommunication equipment including transmitters, receivers, pagers, personal communication system (PCS) telephones, personal computer (PC) cards and terminals. Builds and maintains systems for effective operation and maintenance of equipment, specializing in the fields of information and communication and the development of transmission equipment. Also manufactures information and communication equipment, and operates a wireless base station. Korea.
  • EMCORE Corporation
    Provides a portfolio of compound semiconductor- based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite, solar and wireless communications markets. Products include optical components and subsystems for fiber-to-the-premise, optical transmitter and receiver modules, cable television and high-speed data and telecommunications networks, solar cells, solar panels and fiber optic ground station links for global satellite communications, and radio frequency transistor materials. USA.
  • Sirenza Microdevices, Inc.
    Supplier of radio frequency (RF) components for the commercial communications, consumer and aerospace, defense and homeland security equipment markets, designed to optimize the reception and transmission of voice and data signals in mobile wireless communications networks, and in other wireless and wireline applications. Other products include coaxial cable and fiber optic networks, cable television set-top boxes, radio frequency identification readers and wireless video transmitters. USA.

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