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Fiber optic lines and the associated fiber optic signals require transceivers to convert the optical light pulse signals to electronic signals which are usable by the computer. Fiber optic transceivers facilitate bi-directional data transmissions between electronic devices and optical data links in fiber optic systems. Fiber optic transceiver includes a transmitter optical subassembly and a receiver optical subassembly to send and receive the optical signals. An optical transmitter/receiver module typically includes both light emitting devices such as vertical cavity surface emitting lasers and light detecting devices such as photodiodes. A photodetector is used for converting optically encoded data received from an optical data link to electrically encoded data readable by a host electronic device. A laser diode converts electrically encoded data signals from the host electronic device that are converted into optical signals and transmitted to the optical data link.

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  • Beam Express Inc.
    Designs and manufactures advanced transceiver/transponder modules for next generation networks (access, enterprise, metro, and long haul) running at data rates in excess of 10 Gbps. Products include 10GE-Base-LX4 transceivers conforming to the highly versatile multi-wavelength transmission format specified within the IEEE 802.3ae standard for 10GbE, and 10GBASE-LX4 Xenpak and X2 modules for 10 gigabit ethernet, legacy multimode fiber application to 300m, and singlemode fiber applications to 10km. USA.
  • Finisar Corporation
    Manufacturer of of optical subsystems and components and network performance test and monitoring systems. Products include single wavelength transceivers, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transceivers, course wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) transceivers, EDFA & raman amp components, WDM wavelength management, interleaved filters, linear optical amplifier, LOA evaluation kit, SAN and LAN analysis tools, SAN and LAN test and generation tools. USA.
  • LuminentOIC, Inc.
    Provides switches, routers, physical layer products and out-of-band management products as well as specialized networking products for aerospace, defense and other applications including voice and cellular communication. Offers high power triplexer, bi-directional single fiber transceiver, laser diode, and 1.25 Gbps 10km single mode transceiver. USA.
  • NEC FiberOptech, Inc.
    Offers a broad range of fiber optics including 10Gbps optical transponder for long reach, 2.5Gbps pluggable transceiver, 1.25Gbps ONU transceiver for PON system, high power DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) optical transceiver, 10-Gbps MSA (multi-source agreement) optical transponders.

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