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  • EigenLight Corporation
    Manufacturer of fiber optic power monitors and interconnect products for the telecom, biomedical, fiber sensor and military markets. Products include power monitors for standard single mode fiber, power monitors for multimode fiber, power monitors for polarization maintaining fiber, power monitor attenuators, patchcords and in-line attenuators. USA.
  • Fiber Optic Devices Ltd.
    Manufacturer of fiber optic test equipment and active and passive components for test instruments. Products include fiber optic power meter, optical return loss meter, optical tester, portable light sources, fiber optic clip-on coupler, optical switch, variable optical attenuator, LED & LD modules for test instruments, and passive components.
  • Kingfisher International Pty Ltd.
    Manufacturer of CWDM loss tes, light source, power meter, attenuator, talk sets, inspection microscopes, clip-on identifier, cold clamp, fiber optics continuity test, visible fault finder, and open fiber test software. Products are used to test single mode fiber optics systems in the telecom and cable industries, and multimode fiber or plastic fibre used in LAN, automotive and industrial data network installation. Australia.
  • Megger Group Limited
    Offers battery test equipment, cable fault locating equipment, circuit breaker test equipment, high potential AC / DC test equipment, insulation test equipment, low resistance ohmmeter test equipment, oil test equipment, phasing meters and accessories, power factor (C and DF) test equipment, power multimeter, power quality equipment, recloser test equipment, relay test equipment, transformer test equipment, watthour meter test equipment, cable locators / route tracers, ground resistance test equipment, insulation test equipment, terminal blocks, test switches, BERT testers, fiber optics meters/source, time domain reflectometers, and transmission impairment testers.
  • Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd.
    Manufacturer and supplier of automated fiber endface inspection instrument, fiber optic bench microscope, portable field inspection microscopes, video fiber viewers, fiber adapters, motorized stage system, PCI high speed stepper motor controller, laser autofocus system, semiconductor wafer inspection, stereo microscopes, metallurgical microscope, and laboratory microscopes. UK.
  • Taliescent
    Provider of calibration artifacts for fiber optic measurement verification, products include PPLS PDL calibration Artifact, PMCA polarization mode dispersion (PMD) calibration artifact, HVPLS high resolution variable polarization dependent loss source, RLCA return loss calibration artifact, and OTCA OTDR calibration artifact. USA.

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