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Fiber optic coupling devices are used in a wide variety of applications to couple an optical signal from one optical fiber, or optical fiber bundle, to another optical fiber or optical fiber bundle. Fiber optic rotary joints allow optical signals to be transferred between fibers located on members that are rotating with respect to each other. Fiber optic rotary joints are generally categorized as either an on-axis rotary joint or an off-axis rotary joint. In an on-axis rotary joint, the optical fibers that will communicate lie along the axis of rotation or an off-axis rotary joint in which the optical fibers do not lie along the axis of rotation, typically because the axis of rotation is inaccessible. Off-axis rotary joints generally include channel waveguides to direct the optical signal. In this regard, off-axis rotary joints generally include multiple optical sources, driven by one or more lasers, and multiple receivers in communication with respective channel waveguides. The technology employed in these two types of rotary joins is quite different.

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  • Moog Components Group
    Designs and manufactures motion control and electronic components used in industrial, commercial, medical, marine, aerospace and defense applications. Products include motors, drives, slip rings, fiber optic rotary joints, resolvers/synchros actuators, integrated mechanisms, fiber optic modems, and avionics instruments. USA.
  • Princetel, Inc.
    Manufacturer of single-channel fiber optic rotary joints, single-channel (singlemode or multimode) receptacle type rotary joints, miniature fiber rotary joint, two-channel fiber optic rotary joint, multi-channel fiber optic rotary joint, diode laser beam combiners, rotatable polarized light source, visual fiber fault locator, pigtailed laser diode modules, large-beam fiber optic collimators, faraday rotator mirrors, PM variable optical attenuators, bipolar stepper motor driver, and fiber polishing machines. USA.

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