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  • Canoga Perkins Corporation
    Designs and manufactures specialty optical transport products for the telecommunications industry. Products include fiber-optic modems for a variety of interfaces and data rates, multiplexers, media converters, gigabit fibre channel extender, long distance extensions, videoconferencing products, and test equipment. USA.
  • Cronyx Engineering
    Developer, manufacturer, and supplier of communication equipment for digital data networks. Products include synchronous and asynchronous multichannel adapters, DSL modems, fiber optic modems and multiplexors, fractional E1 access devices, converters of G.703 interfaces, and rack mount chassis. Russia.
  • Lascomm
    Supplier of fiber optic data, video, audio and Ethernet products, including fiber optic modems, multiplexers, ethernet 10, 100, 10/100, gigabit media converters and switches, mode converters and multi-drop modems. The copper interfaces on the fiber optic modem converters include RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, RS-366, T1 and T3. USA.
  • Luxcom Technologies
    Manufacturer of point-to-point serial data multiplexer, fiber optic modems, media converters, fiber optic vedio link, serial data to ethernet converters, used in secure communication environments, at government agencies, or in rugged field communication systems for oil & gas pipelines, power generation, factory or traffic control systems where serial data is sent over fiber or wirelessly to IP/Ethernet networks.
  • Purdy Electronics Corporation
    Manufacturer of fiber optic modems, transceivers, fiber cable, couplers, color TFT monitors, color TFT displays modules (p-Si and a-Si), intelligent graphic displays modules, intelligent character displays modules, AC and DC tube axial fans and radial (centrifugal) blowers, light emitting diode (LED) lamps, LED segment displays, thumbwheel switches, rotary DIP code switches, codicount 7 segment LED display switches, and immersion-proof keypads. USA.
  • Wooribyul Telecom Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of high-speed and fiber-optic telecommunication equipment, including multiplexers, fiber-optic multiplexers, optic modems and digital loop carriers, subscriber interface equipment, network access equipment, cable modems, routers and sharers, wireless local area network solutions, high-speed data transmission (HDT) systems, network computers (NC), and I-phones. Korea.

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