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Fiber optic connectors are used to terminate the ends of fiber optic cables. Fiber optic connectors are attached at to ends of optical fibers to enable one or more optical fibers to be optically coupled with one or more other optical fibers of another connector or other optical transmission device. Fiber optic connectors of a wide variety of designs have been employed to terminate optical fiber cables and to facilitate connection of the cables to other cables or other optical fiber transmission devices. Example types of fiber optic connectors include FC-type, SC-type, ST-type and D4-type. A fiber optic connector generally includes a housing in which a forwardly projecting ferrule is mounted. The ferrule may be fabricated of such material as ceramics. An alignment sleeve may lie at the front of the passage, to align the tips of the terminus ferrule and of a mating ferrule device. A ferrule holder or other housing component of the connector embraces the ferrule and may be fabricated of such material as molded plastic. A multi-fiber optic cable is terminated in the connector, and a plurality of individual optical fibers of the cable may be terminated in the ferrule. In addition, a fiber optic connector can include one or more optional components, such as a pin keeper, a spring centering element, a lead-in tube, and a divider.

Listings on Optoelectronics : Fiber optics : Fiber optic connectors

  • Adamant Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of singlemode ferrule, multimode ferrule, zirconia capillary, long ferrule, split sleeve, alignment sleeve, solid sleeves (precision sleeves), fiber optic connector, fiber optic adapter, optical coupler, optical converter, optical patch cord, fan-out cord, master cord, fixed attenuator, in-line attenuator, optical terminator, optical fiber array, metal ferrule, fiber pigtail, lensed fiber, optical transceiver, pin gauges, and ring gauges. Japan.
  • Fiberdyne Labs, Inc.
    Manufactures fiber-optic networking products and photonic devices and provides manufacturing and installation services for the CATV, telecommunications, enterprise industries and fiber to the home. Products include splitters, couplers, ethernet fiber media converter, attenuators, metro wdm, dense wdm's, edfa's, fiber optic distribution centers, cable assemblies, ethernet switches, transceivers, repeaters, converters, and ethernet assemblies, fiber optics transmitter, multiplexer, fiber connectors, terminators, and fiber switches. USA.
  • FOCI Fiber Optic Communications, Inc
    Manufacturer of connectors, bare fiber adaptors, connector polishing machine, assembly toolbox, angled fiber pigtails/ patchcords, multi-fiber fan-out pigtails/ patchcords, gigabit ethernet patchcord, rack-mount patchpanels, miniature singlemode couplers, wideband tree couplers, standard multimode couplers, multimode filter WDMs, high isolation filters, isolator pigtails, fiber collimators, fiber arrays, and plastic fiber patchcord. Taiwan, China.
  • Honda Connectors, Inc.
    Manufacturer of 0.3mm pitch connectors, 0.8mm pitch connectors, 1.27mm pitch connectors, 2.54mm pitch connectors, 2mm pitch connectors, coaxial connectors, infiniband products, micro coaxial connectors, mobile equipment connectors, optical connectors, PC & CF card connectors, and rectangular connectors.
  • KITCO Fiber Optics
    Provider of fiber optic connectorization products, training and field services to the military and commercial communications industry. Specializes in designing and fabricating fiber optic tools, tool kits, custom cable assemblies, commercial and military fiber products, and private label kits for major connector manufacturers. USA.
  • Methode Electronics Inc.
    Manufacturer of component devices for original equipment manufacturers of automobiles, information processing and networking equipment, voice and data communication systems, consumer electronics, aerospace vehicles and industrial equipment. Products include fiber optic connectors, RF connectors, torque sensing solutions, small form-factor pluggable products, smart cables, connectors & SCSI products. USA.
  • Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc.
    Produces a broad range of metal, electronic, and ceramic for the aerospace, defense, medical, and telecommunications industries. Products include advanced composite materials, ceramic EMI filter solutions, ceramic hermetic seals, DC connectors, explosively welded stack, fiber optic connectors, glass hermetic seals, hermetic sealing systems, and RF connectors. USA.

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