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Optical fiber is known for its exceptional speed and bandwidth capability and for its ability to provide reliable communication signals in systems that generate large amounts of electromagnetic radiation. Fiber optic cables can be employed in a variety of applications including the transmission of voice and data in cable television, computer and telephone systems. Fiber optic cables include optical waveguides such as optical fibers that transmit optical signals, for example, voice, video, and/or data information. Fiber optic cables provide numerous advantages over traditional communication cables, particularly higher transmission speeds and improved transmission quality. A fiber optic cable is typically formed from a plurality of optical fibers concentrically surrounded by a series of protective layers. The optical fiber is surrounded by a layer of strengthening fibers to provide strength to the fiber optic cable for pulling the fiber optic cable through a conduit. An outer layer of a polymeric material, such as PVC, surrounds the layer of strengthening fibers. Fiber optic cables can generally be classified into two categories, namely, trunk and distribution cables that are designed to span relatively long distances, and drop cables that span much shorter distances and that typically terminate at a home or business. Trunk and distribution cables are generally relatively large and rigid and typically include a relatively thick jacket and large core components protecting the optical fibers. Fiber optic drop cables are typically relatively flexible. Fiber optic drop cables can be suitable for both aerial and buried cable applications.

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  • AFL Telecommunications LLC
    Manufactures, engineers and installs the fiber optic products and equipment including optical ground wire, all-dielectric self-supporting cable, loose tube and premise cable, copper cable, demarcation and repeater cases, aerial and sealed splice closures, fiber storage units, splice trays, cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, attenuators, couplers and terminators, point-to-point and media converters, fusion splicers, optical power meters, loss/return sets, optical loss test kits, racks, panels and accessories. USA.
  • Draka Holding N.V.
    Manufacturer of aerial bridge cable, armored aerial signal cable, armored underground signal cable, bridge riser cable, cable in conduit, cathodic protection power cable, control cable, field deployable tactical cable, fiber optic shipboard cable, reduced diameter instrumentation cable, UVS metering cable, and VFD power cable. The Netherlands.
  • Fibercore Limited
    Manufacturer of singlemode optical fibres for special applications. Products include bend-insensitive fiber for sensor and research applications, polyimide coated fiber for embedded and high temperature applications, 80 m fiber for fiber optic gyroscopes, splice-compatible fiber for telecommunications applications, intrinsically photosensitive fiber for grating fabrication, ruggedised fiber cable, custom and multi-fiber cables, cladding-pump laser fiber, dual-clad component fiber, and fiber laser mirrors. UK.
  • Hakko Opto Limited
    Specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing of the comprehensive lines of fiber optic connectivity products. offers a full line of fiber cable assemblies (patch cords and pigtails), connectors and patented fiber adaptor (bulkheads), wall and rack mount patch, splice, and combination patch and splice (distribution) panels, as well as high capacity fiber distribution system. Hong Kong.
  • MF Lightwave, Inc.
    Manufacturer of simplex/duplex tight buffer multi-mode & single-mode cable, indoor/outdoor tight buffer 900um subunits cable, indoor/outdoor breakout cable, armored cable, fiber optice cable assemblies, small form factor connectors, connectors, PCL spliters, WDM shelves, splitter modules, patch and splice shelves, splicing accessories, adapters and plates, terminators, attenuators, and pulse suppressor box. USA.
  • Optical Cable Corporation
    Manufactures a comprehensive line of tight-buffered fiber optic cable products, applications including data communications, LANs, telecommunications, video transmission, cable TV, traffic signaling, and military tactical communications. Products include aerial polyethylene distribution cables, armored cables, assembly cables, breakout cables, composite fiber/copper cables, custom assembly cables, distribution cables, mini round duplex assembly cables, festoon cables, subgrouping cables, hybrid cables, interlocked armored cables, military tactical cables, figure-eight messenger cables, ribbon cables, and zero halogen cables. USA.
  • REALM communications group, Inc.
    Manufacturer, reseller, systems integrator and distributor of fiber optic equipment, communication products, and fiber optic cables. Products include cable assemblies, jumpers, patchcords, connectors, bulkhead adapters, network simulators/ OTDR test boxes, tape products & adhesives, attenuators, bare fiber adapters, cable/wire markers, cable management, cleaning supplies, single mode and multimode connectors, couplers, isolators, WDMs & hybrids, fiber optic cable, fusion splicers, interferometers, microscopes, patch panels & fiber, polishing machines, pads, film & supplies, polishing machine plates, splice trays & cases, test equipment, fiber cleavers, cable & wire strippers, shears & cable tools, scribes, and strippers. USA.
  • Remee Products Corp.
    Manufacturer of communications wire and fiber optic cables used in local and wide area networks, data communication, video, audio, and security applications. Products include audio & communication cable, premise wire, coaxial & twinaxial cable, local area network cable, computer & data cable, security & alarm cable, control cable, fire alarm cable multimedia cables, special sound & video cable, and home theatre cables. USA.
  • The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
    Designer, manufacturer, and supplier of loptical fibers (single-mode fibers, multimode fibers, optical ribbon, specialty fibers) and cables, network equipment, bare wires, power cables, plastic products, copper pipes/stripes, fusion splicers, optical connectors, battery products, automotive components and electrical wires, aluminum products, and cast and forged products. Japan.

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