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Fiber optic attenuators are optical components that induce a calibrated loss between two connectors to dampen an optical signal. Fiber optic attenuators are required in cable television, communication networks such as fiber optic telephone networks and the like, to attenuate light transmitted through fiber optic bundles at selected locations. Optical fiber attenuators may be used to simulate attenuation losses over long distances or to reduce energy levels in a network between a transmitter and a receiver. Fiber optic attenuators reduce the amount of power present in an optical signal. Fiber optic variable attenuators are fiber optic attenuators in which the amount of this reduction may be adjusted. Excessive signal power can cause saturation at the receiver and induce system errors and failures. Fiber optic attenuators induce a calibrated fixed loss between two connectors, which dampens (attenuates) the fiber optic signal. Attenuation is desirable if the optical signal has a power level that exceeds the operating range of the equipment to which the signal is being transferred. Without attenuation, the result can be saturation of the signal and induction of system errors or failures. Attenuation is typically achieved by passing the signal through an absorption filter or an air gap. Conventional fiber optic attenuators are available in bulkhead, in-line and build-out configurations.

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  • Anritsu Corporation
    Manufacturer of optical spectrum analyzer, optical power meters, WDM testers, optical test set, optical attenuators, optical time domain reflectometers, pulse pattern generators/error detectors, jitter analyzers, digital modulation signal generators, radio communication analyzers, signalling testers, calibration receiver, microwave frequency counters, bit error rate tester, and checkweighers. Japan.
  • Boston Applied Technologies, Incorporated.
    Manufacturer of variable optical attenuators, polarization insensitive modulators, polarization maintaining VOAs, optical power regulator/limiters, polarization controller/transformer, dynamic polarization rotators, polarization maintaining tap monitors, polarization modulators, polarization sensor, polarization control modules, variable gain tilt filter, dynamic gain flattening filter, dynamic spectrum equalizer, transparent electro-optic ceramics, synthetic crystals, and thin flms. USA.
  • FONS Corp.
    Designs and manufactures a complete line of passive fiber-optic components and inter-connect solutions for single mode and multimode applications. Provides a complete line of passive fiber optic components including fixed and variable attenuators, connectors, indoor distribution terminals, multimode adapters, cable assemblies, OSP enclosures, fiber distributing frames, central office and customer premise enclosures and optical components. USA.
  • Nanometer Technologies
    Manufacturer of build-out attenuators, fixed attenuators, variable attenuators, lapping film and rubber pads, automated fiber-optic inspection station, mass connector polisher, video inspection scope, epoxy curing oven, field polishers, hand sucks, and device for batch measuring the ferrule protrusion of PC style connectors. USA.
  • OptiWorks, Inc.
    Manufacturer of manual variable optical attenuators, fixed optical attenuators, build out attenuators, mux/demux devices, add/drop component, circulators, couplers/splitters, thin film WDMs, gain flattening filters, single window compact fused couplers, prism switch modules, patch cords and accesories. USA.
  • OZ Optics Limited
    Designs, manufactures and markets fiber optic components for existing and next-generation optical networks and systems based on proprietary technology, trade secrets and patents. Products include variable and fixed attenuators, ASE broadband sources, backreflection meters, circulators , collimators/focusers, directional taps/power monitors, EDFA's, educational kits, environmental test-sets, extinction ratio meters, faraday mirrors/rotators, fault-finders, fiber lasers, fixed/tunable filters, patchcords/connectors/splitters, polarization rotators/controllers/analyzers, polarizers, and Power Meters.
  • Pacific Interconnections, LLC
    Manufacturer of fiber optic patch cords, ribbon fan-out cords, MT/MTP/MPO patch cords, mode conditioning patch cables, waterproof pigtails, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic adapters, attenuators, pneumatic crimper, fiber optic closures, couplers and WDM, furcation tubes, polishing consumables, and corning optical cables. USA.
  • Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
    Manufacturer of coaxial connectors, coaxial adapters, coaxial cables, attenuators, amplifiers, directional couplers, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic adapters, fiber optic cables, twinax connectors, twinax adapters, twinax cables, power dividers, coaxial switches, terminators and tools. USA.
  • Timbercon, Inc
    Specializes in the development, manufacturing, and assembly of fiber optic connectivity products. Products include cable assemblies, armadillo loopback, fixed attenuators, variable attenuators, cylindrical connectors, expanded beam products, tactical fiber, adapters, couplers and splitters. USA.

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