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Fiber optic communication utilizes optical transmitters, optical receivers and optical fiber, among other components, to transmit light signals through the fiber. Fiber-optic amplifiers are commonly used to amplify the optical signal guided in an optical waveguide. Fiber optic amplifiers can amplify signal light including one or more wavelengths within a predetermined wavelength band without converting them into electricity. Demands for optical amplifiers have rapidly been enhancing in order to respond to needs for increasing communications capacity, elongating repeater distances, and the like in optical communications. An amplifier placed after the transmitter to boost an outgoing signal is often called a power amplifier, and an amplifier placed before the receiver to boost an incoming signal is often called a pre-amplifier. Passive optical amplifiers, such as erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA), are often used for such amplification. A fiber optic amplifier comprises an optical fiber for amplification, doped with a rare-earth element, and a pumping light supply system for supplying pumping light to the optical fiber for amplification. The doped fiber is driven or pumped with laser light at an appropriate frequency which excites electrons within the fiber to produce a population inversion of electrons between high and low energy states. Photons of light from a data signal supplied to the doped fiber stimulate the excited electrons to release more photons, thereby amplifying the data signal.

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  • Covega Corporation
    Manufacturer of optical components, modules, and subsystems used in metropolitan, long-distance, and submarine fiber communications networks catering to a wide range of industries including telecom, datacom, cablecom, defense, medical, industrial, sensing, test & measurement and instrumentation. Product offering includes lithium niobate amplitude and phase modulators as well as Indium phosphide semiconductor optical amplifiers, gain chips, super luminescent diodes, broad area lasers and high power fabry-perot lasers. USA.
  • EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering
    Develops and manufactures erbium-doped fiber amplifier, LED and FP lasers, mode-locked fiber laser, power meters, variable attenuators, loss and reflection test sets, spectral test equipment, polarization and dispersion test equipment, fiber and waveguide analyzers, switch and utility modules, integrated test systems, multipath interference test instruments, dual gigabit ethernet transceiver, signal generator and monitor, electrical receiver, transport blazer, packet blazer, UV/visible/IR light-based systems, and piezoelectric-based positioning systems. USA.
  • Ifm Efector Inc.
    Manufacturer of infrared / red light sensors, laser sensors, fiber optics and amplifiers, proximity switches, actuator sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, diagnostic systems, valve feedback sensors, mobile controllers, I/O modules, dialog modules, diagnosis and service, sensors for mobile use, signal converters, data matrix code reader, RF identification systems, power supplies, connectors and splitter boxes, and system components. USA.
  • Inplane Photonics, Inc.
    Manufacturer of erbium-doped waveguide amplifiers and modules used to build active optical components, including photodiodes and lasers. The company manufactures system-on-a-chip devices for integrated optical components used in avionics, networking equipment, and telecommunications. USA.
  • IPG Photonics Corporation
    Manufactures fiber-optic signal amplifiers, fiber lasers, and pump lasers, which are used in telecommunications networks to enable voice and data transmission over optical lines. Also provides fiber lasers for such industrial applications as high-speed commercial printing, welding, drilling, micromachining, and medical imaging. USA.
  • Lightwaves2020
    Manufacturer of MSA compliant full-function erbium doped fiber amplifier, MSA compliant gain block, miniature optical power monitors, variable optical attenuator, polarization controller, coarse wavelength division multiplexer, amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) source, optical thin film filters and related optical components. USA.
  • MPB Communications Inc.
    Manufacturer of erbium-ytterbium doped fiber amplifiers, benchtop fiber amplifiers, transponder & transponder subrack subsystem, remote optical pumped amplifier, fiber lasers, multiplexed laser diode raman pump sources, erbium ytterbium broadband source, excimer laser, fiber bragg gratings, and polarization controller. Canada.

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