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The application of fiber optics for conveying of communication data, voice, and data pulse trains has expanded greatly in recent years. Optical fiber has gained wide acceptance for use in such applications as telecommunications, networking, computing and general electronics. A number of fiber optic components and devices such as couplers, attenuators, wavelength division multiplexers/de-multiplexers, connectors, filters, switches, fiber-pigtailed semiconductor lasers, and isolators have been developed for use in fiber optic communication systems, sensors and instrumentation. Optical fibers are thin transparent fibers of glass or plastic enclosed by material having a lower index of refraction and transmit light throughout their length by internal reflections. The fibers and cladding are typically enclosed in a protective polymer jacket. Optical fibers capable of transmitting an optical signal over great distances, at high speeds, and with relatively low signal loss as compared to standard wire or cable networks. Optical fibers are commonly used for the transmission of all types of data, including telecommunications, video, and computer data. Fiber optic cables have become an alternative to conventional wire transmission. Fiber optic communication utilizes optical transmitters, optical receivers and optical fiber, among other components, to transmit light signals through the fiber. The heart of such transmission systems is an optical fiber of silica glass or other suitable material that has been clad with an appropriate material to create a waveguide along which light energy can travel in a controlled manner.

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  • CeramOptec GmbH
    Manufacturer of of specialty optical fiber and fiber optic-based products for industrial, scientific, medical, and dental applications. Specializes in the production of stock and custom silica / silica, plastic-clad silica, hard polymer-clad silica optical fibers, fused capillary tubing, DPSS lasers, diode modules, and low loss bundles and assemblies for UV, VIS, and IR transmission, medical laser delivery, sensors, plasma fusion, and spectroscopy. Germany.
  • CommScope, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures cable and connectivity solutions for communications networks. Products include electronic, coaxial and fiber optic cable products for data networking, Internet access, wireless communication, telephony and other broadband applications, as well as environmentally secure enclosures to integrate complex equipment for digital subscriber line (DSL) and fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) deployments by telecommunication service providers. USA.
  • Fiberoptics Technology, Inc.
    Offers a broad range of fiber optic lighting products for medical, industrial, military, machine vision optics, photoelectric control, and commercial lighting applications. Products include photo electric control cables, fiber optic medical light guides, fiber optic light sources, fiber optic headlamps, fiber optic light lines, fiber optic light guides, fiber optic goosenecks, fiber optic backlights, fiber optic fiberscopes, fiber optic ring lights, fiber optic tapers, fiber optic optical rod, fiber optic raw fiber, fiber optic light probe kit, fiber optic star ceilings, fiber optic modified products, fiber optic custom products, and fiber optic accessories. USA.
  • Micro-Optics Inc.
    Designs, develops, and manufactures state of the art passive fiber optic products for telecom and CATV fiber optic communication systems. Products include polarization maintaining isolators, polarization maintaining couplers (1x2, 1x4, and 1x8, 1xN), PM-WDM, PM-taps, polarization combiners/splitters for pump and signal applications, polarizers, circulators, and other specialty fiber optic components. USA.
  • OZ Optics Limited
    Designs, manufactures and markets fiber optic components for existing and next-generation optical networks and systems, including laser to fiber source couplers, all fiber polarization controller, backreflection meter, collimators and focusers, differential polarization delay lines, digital tunable filters, digital variable attenuator, environmental optical test system, erbium doped fiber amplifier, fiber optic circulators, fixed filters, glass solder preforms, hand held optical power meter, fiber optic patchcords, laser diode collimators, motor driven tunable filters, optical power regulators, tapered and lensed fibers, vacuum pressure feedthrough, and wave division multiplexers. Canada.
  • United Fiber Optic Communication
    Production of fiber-optic products and the provision of engineering services in the fiber-optic communication industry. Products include fiber-optic cable, patch cords and related passive components, fiber to the building (FTTB) and fiber to the home (FTTH) cabling accessories, optical transmission equipment, wireless communications products and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) products. Taiwan, China.
  • Leviton Voice & Data Division
    Manufacturer of enterprise wireless access point, industrial connectivity system, category 5 cabling system, fiber management system, fiber optic system, UTP copper connectors, audio and video connectors & adapters, compression connectors, fiber optic connectors, stainless steel wallplates, modular furniture faceplates, telephone wall phone jacks, patch panels & patch blocks, patch cords & accessories, 66-clip connecting blocks, telecom enclosures, rack-mount fiber optic panel, intelligent power distribution units, SMC expansion boards and modules, and installation tools. USA.
  • Molex, Incorporated
    Designs, manufactures and sells terminals, connectors, planar cables, cable assemblies, interconnection systems, fiber optic interconnection products and systems, backplanes, integrated products, and mechanical and electronic switches. Products are used in a range of applications, including desktop and notebook computers, computer peripheral equipment, mobile phones, digital electronics, such as cameras and plasma televisions, automobile engine control units and adaptive braking systems, factory robotics and diagnostic equipment. USA.
  • RP Photonics Consulting GmbH
    Technical consulting services on fiber optics, laser and amplifier technology, nonlinear optics, and other areas of photonics. RP Photonics offers product designs, feasibility studies, calculations and simulations, software, and staff training. Switzerland.
  • StockerYale, Inc.
    Developer of advanced illumination products, specialty optical fiber and diffractive optics. Designer and manufacturer of structured light lasers, light emitting diodes, fiber optic and fluorescent illumination technologies, as well as specialty optical fiber, phase masks and advanced optical sub-components, used in a wide range of markets and industries, including the machine vision, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and security, utilities, industrial inspection and medical markets. USA.
  • Stratos International, Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of optoelectronic, fiber optic, RF and microwave components and subsystems for the telecommunications, enterprise, military and broadcast markets. Products include standard MSA transceivers, specialty transceivers, military subsystems, broadcast video subsystems, single fiber connectivity, multi-fiber connectivity, optical flex circuitry, harsh environment assemblies, optical multiplexers, demultiplexers, add/drop modules, integrated modules, DWDM interleavers, video transmitters, receivers and transceivers; media converters; mux/demux products, outside plant (OSP) distribution cable, outside plant (OSP) enclosures, inside plant enclosures, PLC splitter modules, and WDM modules. USA.

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