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Electrical energy utilities are frequently required by state or local regulations or by energy customers to verify the accuracy of electrical energy meters operating in the field. Electrical energy meters are extensively used for measuring electric energy usage at an AC power consumer's facility. Several types of meters may be used at the facility, including demand registers, watthour meters,  time-of-use meters and tariff registers. Tariff meters or registers establish the amount of electric energy consumption for billing by the electric energy supplier. Watthour meters are used for indicating consumption in kilowatt-hours. Energy meters include two basic components: a meter chassis having a transducer which senses energy usage and produces a signal proportional to the energy usage; and a register which converts the signal into a form for accumulation and display. Programmable electronic energy meters are rapidly replacing electro-mechanical meters due to the enhanced functionality achieved using programmable logic integrated into solid-state electronic meters.

Listings on Optoelectronics : Energy meters

  • APA Enterprises, Inc.
    Develops, designs, manufactures and markets fiber optics, copper and gallium nitride (GaN) based components and devices for industrial, commercial, consumer and scientific applications. Provides ultraviolet (UV) measurement instruments for consumers and industrial customers, and gallium nitride (GaN) based transistors for power amplifiers and other commercial applications. Offers a variety of fiber optic and copper components to the data communication and telecommunication industries. USA.
  • Elster Metering
    Develops and manufactures utility metering products, systems, and services. Products include electricity, water and energy meters, and load management, communication, support software, automated metering systems, ANSI and IEC electricity meters for both residential, and commercial and industrial applications.
  • JDS Uniphase Corporation
    Provider of communications test and measurement solutions and optical products for telecommunications service providers, cable operators, and network equipment manufacturers. Offers lasers, coated optics and assemblies for defense, aerospace, instrumentation, biomedical and other applications, as well as for display, semiconductor processing, security, medical/environmental instrumentation, decorative, and aerospace and defense applications. USA.
  • Laser LaserPoint s.r.l.
    Manufactures and supplies laser power and energy meters, laser power probes, OEM sensors, industrial monitors for power and energy measurement, automatic laser probes for quick power checks, pyroelectric heads, heads with surface absorbers, heads with volume absorbers, heads for excimer lasers, heads for quick checks of laser power (fit mode measurements). Italy.
  • Laser Probe Inc.
    Manufacturer of a wide range of laser power/energy meters and radiometers based on pyroelectric, semiconductor (silicon, germanium, InGaAs, InAs), and thermopile detectors. Products include universal radiometers (which measure both power in Watts and energy per pulse in Joules), power meters (Watts), energy meters (Joules), power probes, energy probes, and the electrically calibrated pyroelectric radiometer primary transfer standard. USA.
  • MetroLux GmbH
    Develops, manufactures, and distributes instruments & accessories for analysis of lasers, light sources and optical surfaces in the field of laser research and production. Products include laser beam profilers, laser synchronization device, cameras, beam attenuators, wavefront sensor, spectrophotometer, wavelength meter, and power/energy meter. Germany.
  • Ophir Optronics Ltd.
    Development, design, production and marketing of precision infrared (IR) optic components and laser measurement equipment, including power and energy meters, beam profilers, spectrum analyzers, optical lens assemblies (for MWIR & LWIR, cooled and uncooled cameras), optical eements (build to print), high power CO2 optics for industrial lasers, non-contact 3-Dimensional measurement systems, and a full range of CO2 components and replacement optics for medical and industrial lasers. Israel.
  • Terahertz Technologies Inc.
    Manufacturer of pyroelectric probe/detector, optical chopper, photodiode amplifier, fiber optic power meter, dual laser source, advanced loss test set, O/E converters, visible laser fault locator, laser tachometer, analog and digital fiber links, fiber optic video links, custom and OEM products. USA.

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