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Color sensors are generally used for color detection, color measurement, and color control. Typical color sensors convert the primary color components of light, namely red (R), green (G), and blue (B) to analog voltage outputs. In color sensor systems, three electronic light transmitters such as light emitting diodes, are used to illuminate an object whose color is to be measured by emitting light pulses in a predetermined narrow-band range of wavelengths. The reflected light is decomposed by means of lenses and standard color filters into the primary colors, red, green and blue. The intensity of the individual color components is then converted into electrical signals by photosensors. An evaluation device which is coupled to the electronic light receiver then makes a color determination based on the intensity of the received individual electrical signals arriving in the course of the control cycle. Among color sensors, color sensors using multi-junction semiconductors are considered to be favorable since they can detect each spectrum of the incident light without distribution thereof by color filtering and the like. A typical spectrophotometer gives color information in terms of measured reflectances or transmittances of light, at the different wavelengths of light, from the test surface.

Listings on Optoelectronics : Color sensors

  • Delta Computer Systems, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets single and multi-axis motion controller and accessory products for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed loop position, velocity and pressure/force applications. Products include electronic color sensors, motion controllers, voltage-to-current coverters, and signal converters. USA.
  • EMX industries, Inc.
    Supplies industrial photoelectric sensors and electronic motion sensors for industrial automation and process control. Products include color sensor, luminescence sensor, brightness sensor, diffuse reflective, retroreflective photoelectric sensors, frame sensors, optical bracket sensor, optical fiber sensors, thru beam photoelectric sensors, thru beam photoelectric sensors, amplified capacitive sensors, amplified capacitive sensors, hall effect sensors, and reed contact sensors. USA.
  • Optex FA Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of security sensors and is specialized in factory automation sensors. Products are comprised of image sensors (color identification sensor, LED bar light), timing comparator, displacement sensor, pressure sensor, photoelectric sensor and fiber sensors. Japan.
  • SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH
    Manufacturer of photoelectric switches, proximity switch, proximity switches with background suppression, light barriers, retro-reflective sensors, through-beam sensors, fiber optic amplifiers, optical fibers, optical windows slot sensors, analogue sensors, color and contrast sensors, vision and line sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and switching devices. Germany.
  • SICK, Inc.
    Manufacturer of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications. Products include ultrasonic sensors, inductive, capacitive or magnetic proximity sensors, magnetic cylinder sensors, photoelectric switches, contrast and luminescence sensers, color sensors, fork sensors, light grids, distance measurement sensors, data transfer systems, vision sensors, position finders, encoders, safety light curtains, laser scanners, photoelectric switches, safety controllers, and interlocks, and positioning drives. USA.
  • Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions
    Develops, manufactures, and markets integrated optoelectronic products, including spatial relationship optical sensor, photodiode with integrated transimpedance amplifier, reflective light sensors with corresponding color LEDs, single digit LED hexadecimal display, large dynamic range measuring light intensity with pulse train or square wave digital output, digital light level measurement, and RGB filtered sensors for color discrimination, determination, and measurement. USA.
  • Viassi Inc.
    Manufacturer and provider of industrial smart sensors tailored specifically to industry applications and process control improvement. Provides background suppression sensors, capacitive sensors, color sensors, diffuse proximity sensors, fiber optic sensors, inductive proximity sensors, light curtains, paper separation sensor, retro-reflective sensors, safety sensors, seam detection sensor, special sensors, thru-beam sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and UV sensors.

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