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Photographic equipment such as digital cameras and camcorders contain electronic image sensors that capture light for processing into a still or video image. An image sensor is a semiconductor device for converting an optical image into electrical signals. There are two primary types of electronic image sensors, charge coupled devices (CCDs) and complimentary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors. CMOS imaging technology has become increasingly the technology of choice. The CMOS image sensor has several advantages such as a simple operation process, low fabrication costs and low power consumption. On the contrary, CCD image sensors require specialized facilities, and consume a substantial amount of power, since they are essentially capacitive devices. CCD imagers require several support chips to operate the device, condition the image signal, perform post processing and generate standard video output. CCD image sensor is difficult to fabricate compared to the CMOS image sensor and impossible to access randomly. CMOS image sensors have a wide range of applications since they may be integrated into a number of electronic products such as personal computers, cellular phones, personal digital assistants and many others. A CMOS image sensor transforms optical images to electrical signals using CMOS technologies. A CMOS image sensor senses an image using a photodiode and a MOS transistor in each pixel for detecting light signals in a switching mode. The CMOS image sensor employs a switching method that sequentially generates signals using MOS transistors. The image sensors include rows and columns of pixels. The pixels generate small photo signals proportional to light reflected from an object to be imaged. The photo signal is read and processed by signal processing circuitry to create an image representing the object. Generally, the CMOS image sensor includes a plurality of unit pixels. Each of the unit pixels also includes a light sensing element and a plurality of transistors. The light sensing element such as a photodiode senses incident light beam to generate photoelectric charges corresponding to an amount of the incident light beam. The transistors perform switching operations to control a transfer of the photoelectric charges.

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  • Avago Technologies, Inc.
    Supplies a wide range of analog, mixed-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems including CMOS image sensors, networking ICs, storage ASSPs & solutions, film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) duplexer, low noise amplifier, handset power, CDMA front-end modules, amplifiers, attenuators, frequency multipliers, mixers, prescalers, switches, demonstration circuit boards, PIN diodes, schottky diodes, GaAs field effect transistors, silicon bipolar transistors, optical transmitters, optical receivers, color sensor, color controller, infrared transceivers, LED lamps & displays, light bars, incremental encoders, ambient light photo sensors, proximity sensors, and optocouplers. USA.
  • DALSA Corporation
    Designs, develops, manufactures and markets digital-imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing specialized wafer foundry services. Products include image sensor components, electronic digital cameras, and semiconductor wafer foundry services for use in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMs), high-voltage semiconductors, image sensors and mixed-signal complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chips. Canada.
  • Datasensor S.p.A
    Provides a range of vision sensors represents the best solution for industrial visual inspection applications. Devices for multiple or single control, configuration via PC or using hand-held configurators, complete accessory range including illuminators, lenses, fixing brackets. Italy.
  • Micron Technology, Inc.
    Manufactures and markets dynamic random access memory (DRAM), NAND flash memory, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors, other semiconductor components, and memory modules for use in an array of electronic applications, including personal computers, workstations, network servers, mobile phones, flash memory cards, universal serial bus (USB) storage devices, digital still cameras, Moving Picture Experts Group layer-3 audio (MP3) players and other consumer electronics products. USA.
  • OmniVision Technologies
    Designs and markets high-performance semiconductor image sensors. Its CMOS sensor products are highly integrated single-chip CMOS image sensors for mass-market consumer and commercial applications such as mobile phones, digital still cameras, security and surveillance systems, interactive video games, PCs and automotive imaging systems. USA.
  • Photonfocus AG
    Manufacturer of system-on-the-chip (SoC) CMOS image sensors, high-dynamic CMOS cameras with global shutter, high-end megapixel CMOS camera with fast configuration interface, megapixel CMOS-camera with global shutter, single-board CMOS cameras with global shutter, color or monochrome CMOS VGA camera, CCIR CMOS camera, CMOS-sensor module, OEM modules for digital camera interfaces and analog to digital conversion. Switzerland.
  • Pixelplus Co., Ltd.
    Designs, develops and markets complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors and camera modules used to capture and convert images into digital signals for display or transmission for applications in mobile camera phones and other applications, such as personal computer (PC) cameras and security and surveillance systems. Korea.

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