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A beamsplitter is a device that splits an incident radiation beam into two coherent parts by reflecting and transmitting some fraction of the incident beam. Beam splitters have the effect of deflecting a portion of radiation incident upon the device and allowing substantially all of the remaining radiation to pass through the device undeflected. There are many types of beamsplitters, which include, for example, partially transparent metal films, plate-type beamsplitters having an optically symmetrical structure, prism-type beamsplitters, and beamsplitters which can reflect linear polarization and transmit orthogonally polarized light. Beamsplitters are widely used in optical systems to split a single optical beam into two paths. An optical beamsplitter may comprise an optical plate made of transparent material and serving as a substrate for supporting on one of its extended flat surfaces a semi-transparent film of light reflective material. Beamsplitters used have a nearly spectrally neutral and nonpolarizing response over a large bandwidth. Typical optical beamsplitters are placed in the path of a propagating beam at a desired preset incidence angle relative to the beam. When positioned at such an incidence angle, the beamsplitter divides an incident, parallel beam which is incoherent and of a broad spectral bandwidth into reflected and transmitted beams at each point on a plane in the incident beam's wavefront.

Listings on Optoelectronics : Beamsplitters

  • CASIX, Inc.
    Manufacturer of beamsplitter plates, beamsplitter cubes, penta beamsplitter cubes, polarization beamsplitter cubes, multi-order waveplate, low-order waveplate, achromatic waveplate, fresnal rhomb retarder, glan-taylor polarizer, glan-laser polarizer, wollastom polarizer, glan-thompson polarizer, birefringent filters, laser line interference filters, individual neutral density filters, potassium titanyl phosphate, windows, lenses, prisms, laser crystals, birefringent crystals, and telecom optics.
  • Crystech Coating Inc.
    Specializes in design , manufacture, research and development of all kinds of optical components and coatings service which contain dpsss laser, biomedical filter, display optical components, high energy laser optics, laser polarizers, light tunnel, cold mirror, field lens, PBS, X-cube, UV-cut, dichoric filters, cold mirrors, light pipe, beam splitter plate, beam splitter cube, narrowband polarization beam splitter cube, broadband polarization beam splitter cube, and prisms. China.
  • CVI Laser, LLC
    Manufacturer of beamsplitters, laser mirrors, prisms, beam expanders, high energy polarizers, beamsplitting cubes polarizers, depolarizers, optical isolators, filters, optical filters, optical lenses, prisms, and waveplates, serving the aerospace, biotech, commercial, industrial, research, and semiconductor industries. USA.
  • Esco Products, Inc.
    Manufacturer of beamsplitter plates, beamsplitter cubes, commercial windows, precision flat windows, precession wedge windows, brewster angle laser windows, biconvex lenses, achromatic lenses, asymmetrical biconvex lenses, plano-convex lenses, neutral density color glass filters, metallic coated neutral density filters, bandpass filters, right angle prisms, dispersion prisms, precision flat front surface mirrors, precision flat zerodur substrates, optical flats, dielectric max reflectors, and metallic reflectors. USA.
  • MEMS Optical, Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of various refractive and diffractive micro optics including multi-function optics, microlens arrays, collimated fiber arrays, beam shapers, diffusers, beam splitters, laser diode corrector, fine pitch gratings, plastic optics and plastic molds, stock optics, continuous membrane deformable mirrors, moving mirrors for tunable lasers, and scanning two axis tilt mirrors. USA.
  • Precision Photonics
    Develops, manufactures, and selsl precision nanometer-toleranced optical components, femtosecond lasers, and laser measurement and control products. Products include etalons, beamsplitters, prisms and micro-optics, composite laser optics, epoxy-free optical bonding, ion-beam-sputtered laser mirrors, brewster-angle thin-film polarizers, wavelength locking modules, ultra-thin silicon etalon substrates, femtosecond fiber lasers, supercontinuum sources, tunable laser spectrum analyzer, and fiber sensor interrogator. USA.
  • Red Optronics
    Specializes in crystals and optical products for the commercial and research marketplace including laser, semiconductor and telecommunication applications. Products include passive Q-switch crystal, laser crystal, optical crystal, birefrigent crystal, photorefractive crystal, superconductive substrate, scintillation crystal, windows, lens, mirror, prism, waveplate, polarizer, and beamsplitters. USA.
  • Thorlabs, Inc.
    Manufacturer of broadband beamsplitter cubes, pellicle beamsplitters, plate beamsplitters, polka dot beamsplitters, aspheric lenses, achromatic doublets, spherical singlets, cylindrical lenses, mirrors, windows, diffusers, gratings, prisms, filters, multi-element lens systems, benchtop laser sources, HENE lasers, femtosecond lasers, optical detectors, optical power meters, lab instruments, polarimetry, PMD/PDL measurements, single mode fiber, polarization maintaining fiber, high NA fiber, photosensitive fibe, rare earth Er-doped fiber, rare earth doped PM fiber, fiber laser optical engines, translation stages, rotation stages, nanopositioning stages, actuators / adjusters, and motion control electronics.
  • Tower Optical Corporation
    Manufacturer of zero order waveplates, achromatic waveplates , multiple order and dual waveplates, true zero order waveplates, standard micro prisms, right angle prisms, polarization beamsplitter cubes, beamsplitter plates, lenses and micro lenses, ball lenses, cylindrical lenses, custom circular and square windows, mirrors, and optics for WDM and MWDM. USA.

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