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Video conferences provide the ability for persons at different locations to communicate without the need to travel to a common location to attend a meeting. A video conference system is an advanced multimedia system in which a conversation or video conference is made among distant locations in order to quickly transmit information and to reduce both time and cost of business trip. Video conference systems are typically used in the business arena, executive meetings, customer demonstrations, product development, administration matters, and education/training courses. A video conference network is formed by connecting video-conference terminal apparatuses located at remote distance from one another. A video conference which allows communication between multiple locations in a single video conference is referred to as a multi-point video conference. In a multi-site video conference control system, a number of video conference terminals respectively situated at a number of sites are able to be connected to a video conference control unit via communication lines. Video conference terminals typically are equipped with video cameras, video displays, audio microphones and audio speakers. In order to realize conference communication among three or more locations by using such video conference equipments, a multipoint control unit (MCU) is connected to each of a plurality of video conference equipments which take part in the conference. Each conference terminal collects an image information and audio information in a location in which the conference terminal is provided and transfers these information to the MCU. In the multi-point control unit, the image information and the audio information are synthesized and the synthesized information is distributed to the respective conference terminals.

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  • Aethra SpA
    Develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of high-performance telecommunications products. These include ISDN and xDSL products, video conferencing equipment (including rollabouts, complete systems including monitors, rack-mounted codecs, public Video-Payphone, portable systems and systems developed for specific applications, such as videosurveillance, telemedicine and distance learning), audio conferencing systems, MCUs (multipoint conferencing units, ISDN gateways), and management solutions for audio, video and data service. Italy.
  • Avistar Communications Corporation
    Provides video-enabled applications, including networked video communications software and hardware products and services. Products include applications for interactive video calling, content creation and publishing, broadcast video and video-on-demand data sharing, directory services and network management. Designs, develops, markets, manufactures and assembles its products. Its real-time and non-real-time products are based upon its architecture and video operating system platform, which facilitates distribution over local and wide area networks (WAN) using telephony or Internet services as appropriate. USA.
  • ClearOne Communications
    Develops, manufactures, markets and services a line of audio conferencing products, which range from tabletop conferencing phones to professionally installed audio systems. Also manufactures and sells document and education cameras and conferencing furniture. Products are used by organizations of all sizes to accomplish group communication. Its end-users range from small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions and government organizations. USA.
  • Emblaze-VCON Ltd.
    Supplies videoconferencing hardware and software. The company provides computing and peripheral equipment to enable desktop and group audio- and videoconferencing. The company's conferencing portfolio includes videoconferencing products from the desktop to the conference room, including multipoint and streaming solutions. The associated software products include applications for video network management, conference scheduling, and transmission security. Emblaze-VCON serves customers in such industries as education, telecommunications, and energy. The company is a subsidiary of wireless software developer Emblaze. Israel.
  • Ezenia! Inc.
    Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells conferencing and real-time collaboration solutions for corporate and governmental networks, and e-business, that enable organizations to provide quality group communication and collaboration capabilities to commercial, governmental, consumer and institutional users. The Company's products allow individuals and groups, regardless of proximity constraints, to interact and share information in a natural, spontaneous way, including voice-to-voice, face-to-face, mouse-to-mouse and keyboard-to-keyboard, flexibly, securely and in real time. USA.
  • Polycom, Inc.
    Developer, and manufacturer of video, voice, data and web conferencing collaboration solutions. Provides an end-to-end solution that includes enterprise video and voice communications endpoints, network infrastructure, management products, product maintenance and other professional services. Its enterprise video and voice communications products enable businesses and other organizations to communicate with employees, customers and partners, regardless of location. Its network infrastructure and management products include bridges, network management software and call processing servers that enable communications across, and between different types of networks and endpoints. USA.
  • TalkPoint Communications
    Designs, develops and markets full-motion, high-resolution, cost-effective video network systems as a business collaborative tool. The Company's VidPhone system is a video network system that uses the same wiring as the telephone, which gives it a competitive cost advantage over other types of video network systems. Users of the company's video distribution system can view broadcast video, retrieve stored video on demand and participate in multi-party videoconferences from desktop personal computers and conference rooms. USA.
  • Vodavi Technology, Inc.
    Designs, develops, markets and supports a range of business telecommunications solutions, including traditional, converged, and internet protocol (IP)-based telephone systems and telephony applications, as well as traditional and IP-based, commercial-grade telephones. Products can be categorized as telephone systems, which include traditional, digital and IP-based key telephone systems; telephony applications, which include voice messaging, automated attendant, automatic call distribution, as well as advanced messaging products that include fax mail and unified messaging systems, and computer telephony products, including Windows-based application products, such as personal computer (PC) telephones and attendant consoles, local area network (LAN) to private branch exchange (PBX) connection packages, IP gateways and Internet messaging systems, and commercial-grade telephones. USA.

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