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A handheld or portable optical scanner is an optical scanner which is designed to be moved by hand across the object or document being scanned. Handheld scanners utilize relatively small imaging arrays and generally cannot handle larger than A6 documents in a single pass. There are two types of portable scanners. One type of a scanner is provided with an image reading optical system for forming a real image on an image sensor. The other type of a scanner employs a contact type image sensor which does not have an image forming optical system. Portable image scanners can also be classified into a manually scanning type for manually moving the scanner along an image face of a document to be scanned, and an automatic scanning type for automatically moving a given document moved relative to the scanner to read out the image on the document. A typical hand-held optical scanner may include illumination and optical systems to accomplish scanning of the object. The illumination system illuminates a portion of the object, whereas the optical system collects light reflected by the illuminated scan region and focuses a small area of the illuminated scan region onto the surface of a photosensitive detector positioned within the scanner. Handheld scanners are typically connected directly to a personal computer for image data storage, processing, and use. Most hand held scanners used for acquiring information from printed media are directed to general purpose uses, so that they can read and store a variety of different types of printed information designed for various applications.

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  • Alestron Inc.
    Manufacturer of business card and contact information scanners, USB powered mobile scanner, book scanner, 7200 dpi film scanner, facial recognition system, fingerprint USB flash drive, Chinese handwriting recognition system, Chinese voice recognition system, Chinese-English two-way translation and dictionaries, data management system, web camera, and MP3 music player. USA.
  • Planon System Solutions Inc.
    Manufacturer of color handheld portable scanner for scanning - newspapers, magazines, books, notes, photos, receipts, contracts, court documents, sketches, certificates, invoices, medical records, blueprints, maps, and reference materials.
  • Portable Peripheral Co., Ltd.
    Engaged in developing various image input platforms based on CIS technology, products include A4 color scanner, A5 flatbed color scanner for passport / vouchers reading, A6 color scanner for business card / photo / ID / driving license reading, A8 mono scanner, and double-side scanner. Taiwan, China.
  • Syscan Imaging Inc.
    Manufacturer of USB powered 600 DPI portable duplex scanner, document management systems, USB interface 600 DPI A4 portable scanner, USB interface 600 DPI portable flatbed scanner, and 8-bit grayscale A8 format portable scanner, for scanning for photo, business card, bank check, ID card, credit card, insurance card, driver's license, lottery ticket, small receipts, and barcodes. USA.
  • Ambir Technology, Inc.
    Manufacturer and marketer of peripherals and accessories for laptops, desktops and mobile use that increase productivity, maximize workspace and enhance workstation ergonomics. Products include 7 port USB 2.0 hub, mini USB keypad w/ dual USB hub, universal monitor stand, A6 passport & document flatbed scanner, high speed 20ppm scanner, 25/50ppm duplex scanner, cleaning and calibration kit, photo sleeve kit, optical mini scroll mouse, USB electromagnetic signature pad, ID card scanner, and photo scanner. USA.
  • CardReader Inc.
    Developer of leading edge optical character recognition (OCR) and business card reading technologies and applications. Products include business card reader application that scans, reads and stores business cards into the computer, multilingual OCR software package that recognizes English and nine other European languages, and business card reader toolkit. USA.
  • Singapore Hotcard Technology Pte Ltd
    Specializes in the development of compact sized, multilingual (English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese)and high accuracy OCR, business card recognition, scanpen input recognition technology and Scan/Camera Input applications for PC, scanners, handheld devices, digital camera and education toy.

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