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Image scanners are commonly used for scanning documents into computers. The most commonly used scanners are flatbed scanners. Flat bed scanners are widely used today as a computer peripheral equipment for scanning documents, books and pictures and for furnishing the scanned information to a computer to be processed. A flatbed scanner is capable of converting the printed data on a document into digital form for processing by the computer. A typical flatbed scanner may include illumination and optical systems to accomplish scanning of the object. A document to be scanned or exposed is placed face down on a platen window, while a movable scan head moves over the document and to make a scan that converts the printed data on the document into digital form. The scan head is optically coupled to a linear array of light-sensing cells as CCD or CIS cells, each cell corresponding to a pixel in the scanned image. The document that is to be scanned is fixedly placed on a transparent glass plate on the flat bed scanner. The transparent glass plate is rectangular-shaped with a size larger than the document that is to be scanned. Reference marks are provided on the transparent glass plate that allow the user to place the document at correct positions.

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  • Image Access Inc.
    Develops and produces hardware and software for the commercial imaging market. Products include automated and manual imaging products, book scanners, tabletop flatbed scanners for oversize documents and wide-format scanners. USA.
  • Mustek, Inc.
    Specializes in the development, manufacturing and distributing of imaging devices. Products include flatbed color scanners (36-bit true color scanners, large-format 11.7" x 17" A3 scanners and enhanced parallel port scanners), tabloid sized scanner, digital camera, digital camcorder, portable media player, portable DVD, DVD recorder, and bluetooth products. Taiwan, China.
  • Umax Technologies Inc.
    Design and distribution of a full line of imaging products and consumer electronics. Offers a broad line of consumer and professional flatbed scanners, document fed scanners, 35mm film scanners, memory flash drives, bluetooth devices, DSL/cable internet sharing router, home plugged powerline ethernet bridge, and scanner accessories. USA.

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