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Positive identification of an individual obtained through fingerprints is the only widely accepted method of personal identification. Fingerprint sensing and matching is a reliable and widely used technique for personal identification or verification. A common approach to fingerprint identification involves scanning a sample fingerprint or an image thereof and storing the image and/or unique characteristics of the fingerprint image. A typical electronic fingerprint sensor is based upon illuminating the finger surface using visible light, infrared light, or ultrasonic radiation. Fingerprints are obtained by reflecting or scattering an image of the finger surface onto an image sensor, such as a charge coupled device.

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  • AuthenTec, Inc.
    Designs biometric fingerprint sensor chips, a high-tech way to authenticate identity and to allow only authorized users to utilize the equipment, products are used for integration into time and attendance devices, door locks, automotive and other access control products; and integration into desktop, portable laptop, and mobile PCs, cell phones, PDAs and other wireless products. USA.
  • Axcess Inc.
    Manufacturer of physical security and enterprise asset management systems that can automatically locate, identify, monitor, count and protect people, property and vehicles. Primary applications of these products are network-based security video recording and surveillance, automatic hands-free personnel and vehicle access control, and automatic asset tracking and protection. USA.
  • Biometric Access Company
    Designs, develops, and manufactures hardware and software for fingerprint authentication products used in the retail, health care, and computer security industries; appliactions include access control, identification for point-of-sale transactions, and tracking of employee attendance. USA.
  • Easydentic S.A.S.
    Specializes in the manufacture of biometric security systems based on fingerprint verification technology. Offers a range of access-control security devices that utilize fingerprint scanning technology, with applications including access control gates, warehouses, offices, computers, cash registers, stockrooms and electronic shutters. France.
  • Fingerprint Cards AB
    Specializes in the development of fingerprint technology and recognition systems. Offers biometric fingerprint sensor technologies, such as embedded biometric systems (those that can operate independently of a personal computer processor), image capture sensors, algorithm software and low-cost operating platforms. Sweden.
  • Identix Incorporated
    Provides fingerprint, facial and skin biometric technologies, as well as systems and system components that enable identification of individuals. Product offerings include live scan systems and services for biometric data capture, mobile systems for real-time biometric capture and identity (ID), and backend standards-based systems, modules and software components for biometric matching and knowledge discovery. USA.
  • Precise Biometrics AB
    Develops, markets and sells biometric security solutions, focusing on the use of fingerprints with smart cards. Products applications include information technology security (providing access to computers and networks), physical access (offering access to buildings and premises), embedded solutions (including integration of the technology), and smart card solutions (covering national identification cards, electronic passports and company cards). Sweden.
  • Zvetco Biometrics
    Manufacturer of identity authentication hardware that uses fingerprint sensing technology to safeguard data access. Products include fingerprint keyboard, biometric device, fingerprint keyboards, fingerprint readers, and biometric keyboard, also offers custom engineered parts, consulting services and OEM products. USA.

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