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Film scanner is used for digitize films for storage and processing in a digital form in order to simulate the photographic image as a video image on a monitor, or to make a hard copy of the photographic image through a video printer. A film scanner electrically scans and reads an image on a photographic film. Conversion of analog images into digital data has become widespread for a variety of applications, including storing, manipulating, transmitting and displaying or printing copies of the images. A digital image signal is generated by the film scanner and is input to a peripheral apparatus, such as a computer, which displays the image on a display unit. A digital film scanner digitizes a film frame using a light source which exposes a film frame and projects an image. The projected image passes through a lens and onto a sensor. The sensor then converts the image into data for storage. The film scanner has an image sensor or a solid state imaging device which scans the film surface to photoelectrically convert the photographic image into electric signal. The electric signal is processed into appropriate image signal. In general, there are two types of films used in film scanners: positive films and negative films.

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  • Microtek USA
    Manufacturer of digital imaging products for a wide spectrum of market segments, specializing in providing affordable solutions for all facets of digital imaging. Products include automatic document feeder, multiformat film scanner, dual media scanner, dedicated film scanner, document imaging scanner, LCD digital projector, LCD monitor, EL transparent media adapter, business card reader, flatbed scanner, and large format scanner.
  • Pacific Image Electronics Inc.
    Develops, manufactures, markets, and sells desktop color imaging peripheral products, accessories and film scanners for consumer and professional photographers, the photographic laboratory industry and for biomedical applications. USA.
  • Pakon Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of slide mounts and mounting equipment used in photo labs of all sizes, high-speed digital scanners used in photo labs, newspapers, publishers, police departments, hospitals, and government agencies, as well as digital scanner supplies (sleeving, calibration films, light bulb, CD and diskette media kits). USA.

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