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Optical scanners are used to generate a data signal representative of an image of an object which is scanned. There are many applications that need optical scanners to convert paper-based objects, such as texts and graphics, to an electronic format that can be subsequently analyzed, distributed and archived. The optical scanners are sometimes referred to as image scanners as the output thereof is generally in digital images. Various types of optical scanners are currently commercially available, including hand-held scanners, flat bed scanners, two-dimensional array scanners, and drum scanners. Flat-bed image scanners have become very popular as peripheral equipment for computers. Flatbed scanners include a linear array sensor that is moved relative to the original along an axis that is perpendicular to the axis of the array. Hand-held scanners are typically utilized to scan lines or selected portions of a page. Such hand-held scanners provide the advantages of portability and ease of scanning textual matter not printed upon paper. Two-dimensional array scanners may be used in the absence of mechanical encoding constraints. A two-dimensional array of photosensitive elements directly accomplishes the mapping of the image of the original into a pixel data array. Drum scanners attach the original to the surface of a cylindrical drum that rotates at a substantially fixed velocity. During the rotation of the drum, an image sensor is moved in a direction parallel to the rotational axis of the drum. In addition to optical scanners, there're film scanners and various types of industrial scanners. A film scanner scans and reads an image on a photographic film. Industrial scanners are commonly used to scan surfaces of a material for the purpose of altering or inspecting the surface.

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  • Card Scanning Solutions Ltd.
    Manufacturer of integrated data collection card scanner, passport reader and ID card reader, modular scanner package (that scans a variety of personal cards such as driver licenses, ID cards, passports, visit cards, photos), biometric signature authenticator, multi-purpose cards scanning system, and portable A6 USB sheet-fed twain compatible ID card scanner. UK.
  • Contex Scanning Technology A/S
    Manufacturer of large format scanners (color scanners, flatbed scanners, monochrome scanner, aperture card monochrome scanners) and large format scanner software for both color and monochrome scanning solutions for reprographics, CAD, GIS, graphic arts, document archival, copy shops, POP/exhibit providers, pre-press, sign and billboard production, architecture and engineering offices. Denmark.
  • Datawin GmbH
    Manufacturer of optical mark reader (OMR) and high speed color scanner including document sorter, single-document reader, optical mark reader with automatic feed, optical mark reader with automatic feed and guided sorter, high speed OMR with integrated camera, high speed scanner with 3 output pockets, and terminal reader. Germany.
  • Fonar Corporation
    Designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners that utilize MRI technology for the detection and diagnosis of human disease. The company's principal MRI products are its stand-up/upright MRI (capable of scanning patients and producing images in the weight-bearing state) and Fonar 360 MRI scanner. USA.
  • Itek Colour Graphics Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of electronic imaging and data handling products, including densitometers, spectrophotometers, dot meters, A3 drum scanners, digital printing presses, large format printers, anti static cloths, anti static gloves, colour targets, colour targets, monitor calibration, input calibration, and print calibration. UK.
  • Longport, Inc.
    Engaged in developing and marketing a soft tissue ultrasound scanner (comprised of a desktop personal compute, which includes a board, a separate monitor, keyboard and interchangeable hand-held probes) that is used in various wound care and other medical applications. Applications include wound detection, assessment and treatment, burn treatment, product testing and dermatology. USA.
  • Plustek Inc.
    Manufacturer of book scanner, 7200dpi film scanner, 3 axis (pan, tilt, focus) webcam, A5 flatbed scanner, CIS flatbed scanner, A4 mobile scanner, business card reader, CCD flatbed scanner, multi-imaging flatbed scanner, A3 size flatbed scanner, EPP slim flatbed scanner, personal page scanner, multi function color scanner, power-cordless ADF scanner, color sheetfed scanner, and grayscale sheetfed scanner. USA.
  • Seac Banche S.p.A.
    Provider of data and image capture solutions to banks, post offices, financial institutions and international corporations. Products include codeline reader for teller environment, single-feed reader scanner, compact reader sorter, high-capacity extendable reader sorter, reader scanner with autofeeder, back-office reader scanner, and check processing module for self-service systems. Italy.
  • The Widecom Group Inc.
    Designs and manufactures high-speed wide-format document management systems for scanning, printing, copying and/or archiving wide-format documents such as blue prints, schematics, newspaper layouts and other mechanical and engineering drawings. Products include the SLC series scanners, which are comprised of a 36-inch wide format scanner, a 54- and a 72-inch wide scanner, a 36-inch wide format copier and a 36-inch wide format plotter/printer. Canada.
  • Visioneer, Inc.
    Offers business-oriented scanner and data entry solutions (including GSA-compliant scanner for productive paper reduction, high-speed scanner with built-in automatic document feeder, 42-bit color USB scanner, duplex mobile scanner), scanners for home use that are ideal for scanning photographs and documents, ADF scanners, flatbed scanners, strobe scanners, business card reader, parts and accessories. USA.
  • Wicks and Wilson Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of electronic imaging products for the micrographic and 3D scanning industries. Products include microfilm products, roll film scanners, microfiche scanstations, aperture card scanners, aperture card plotter, aperture card duplicators, microfilm cards and chemicals, 3D bodyshape scanner, portrait and HS2 3D head scanners, laser-engraver output from the portrait scanner. UK.

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