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Laser printers are used in a wide variety of applications, from office printing, to medical printing, to bar code printing. Laser beam printers print images by drawing an electrostatic image on a photosensitive drum with laser beams and depositing a toner on a portion charged with a static electricity. A laser printer generally comprises a printer body, a developing device disposed in an inside of the printer body with a photoconductive drum, a laser scanning unit projecting a laser beam to the photoconductive drum to form an electrostatic latent image thereon, and a toner supply unit supplying toner to develop the electrostatic latent image formed on the photoconductive drum. Laser printers use a focused light beam to expose discrete portions of an image transfer drum so that these portions attract printing toner. Radiation from a laser is shaped, and imaged onto a media plane to produce a desired spot size. The toner becomes electric statically attracted to exposed portions of the image transferred drum. When an electrostatically charged paper is rolled against the drum, the toner is transferred to the paper, and the paper is then heated to fuse the toner to the paper. The resolution of the image is determined by the number of scan lines per inch (lpi) and the density of pixel values along each scan line, as measured in dots per inch (dpi).

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  • Analog Technology Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and distributes bar code printer products including direct-thermal and thermal-transfer printers, continuous form laser printers, true-demand impact printers and plug-in, intelligent bar code printing controllers, designed for critical printing applications where continuous-duty and/or high-surge-volume printing is required. USA.
  • Daejin DMP Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of printer parts, videocassette recorder (VCR) parts and compact disk (CD) player parts, among others. Also manufactures laser printers, inkjet printers and mini printer parts, which include supply rollers, transfer rollers, rubber rollers, feed rollers, cleaning blades and timing belts. Korea.
  • GENICOM Corporation
    Manufactures serial matrix, line matrix and laser printers with performance features and prices suitable for a variety of printing applications. Printers are used with desktop workstations and with various networks and stand-alone configurations in conjunction with micro-, mini-, super-mini and mainframe computers. The Company also provides spare parts and supplies such as print heads, printed wire boards, ribbons and printer cartridges. USA.
  • Microplex
    Offers a wide-ranging product line of continuous form printers for industrial and office applications. Products include continuous form laser printer, tractor feed laser printers, barcode laser label printer, and heft fanfold form bursters. USA.
  • Output Technology Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and markets high speed, high volume, continuous-form impact and laser printers. Products include print server, 45 ppm batch printing laser printers, 24 ppm batch printing laser printers, high performance demand document printers, electron beam printer, and triple printhead dot matrix printers. USA.

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