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Inkjet printing has gained wide acceptance by consumers in the printing industry because it is fast in printing speed and is a relatively inexpensive form of printing and yet it produces high resolution printed images. Inkjet printers are commonly used today to record image by ejecting ink droplets onto paper and other recording media. The advantages of non-impact, low-noise, low energy use, and low cost operation, in addition to the ability of the printer to print on plain paper are largely responsible for the wide acceptance of inkjet printers in the marketplace. Continuous ink jet printers are widely used for printing information, such as expiry dates, on various types of substrate passing the printer on production lines. An inkjet printer produces a printed image by printing a pattern of individual dots at particular locations of an array defined for the printing medium. Inkjet printers comprise a print head including a plurality of ink cartridges, each ink cartridge having a plurality of ink ejection orifices. Inkjet printers generally discharge ink droplets from an ink cartridge on a recording piece of paper to form an image. The ink cartridge is mounted in a carriage moving in a perpendicular direction to a feeding direction of the recording piece of paper. Inkjet printers utilize a printhead which contains various electrical and mechanical components for causing ink to be injected onto a print medium to form an image. The printhead includes a semiconductor chip containing ejection devices and a nozzle plate for ejecting ink from the printhead. The chips also contain integrated circuits that are coupled to the ejection devices on the chips. Color inkjet printers use a plurality of color inks. These printers may include a plurality of separate color ink cartridges that are independently replaceable. In inkjet printers, various kinds of recording media including ordinary paper, specially coated paper or printing dedicated films, are used, and photopaper for use in an inkjet printer is one of the recording media. There are serial type and line type ink jet printers. A serial type inkjet printer feeds recording media of paper intermittently in the sub-scanning direction, and, when the recording media are stopped, moves the head on the recording media in the main scanning direction perpendicular to the sub-scanning direction. In the serial print type, a recording head is mounted on a carriage which reciprocates along a guide rail which is disposed in a direction perpendicular to a carrying direction of the recording medium, and recording is carried out while reciprocating the recording head along the guide rail. In the line head printers, a recording head which is formed to have a recording range width for the recording medium is disposed in a direction perpendicular to a carrying direction of the recording medium, and recording is carried out line by line.

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  • Addmaster Corporation
    Manufacturer of validation printers, receipt and validation printers, receipt / validation printers with micr reading, check printers, kiosk printer for self-service receipts, kiosk printer for printing checks and money orders, micr reader decoder board for reading checks and other encoded documents.
  • Astro Machine Corp.
    Manufacturer of ink jet printers, conveyer stackers, envelope/card feeder, friction feeder, shuttle feeder, diskette labler, stamp affixer, and tabber. USA.
  • Domino Printing Sciences Plc
    Offers continuous ink jet (CIJ) and laser printers to code directly onto products and primary packaging. Drop-on-demand (DOD) ink jet printers are available for large character codes and graphics in secondary packaging. Products are used to print variable data such as 'best before' dates, barcodes and traceability codes onto products in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. UK.
  • FoxJet
    Manufacturer of industrial ink jet printers, offers a variety of industrial ink jet printers, industrial ink jet printer controllers, high resolution ink jet graphics printers, ink jet print heads and ink jet coders, and industrial ink jet ink/coder ink. USA.
  • OMNIPrint, Inc.
    Provides OEM printer solutions for all POS printers, printer supplies and accessories. Omniprint offers a wide variety of specialty printers including impact, inkjet and direct thermal printers. Specialty printers including barcode label printers, battery operated printers, bluetooth printers, infrared (IRDA) printers, kiosk printers, PDA printers, panel mount printers, receipt printers, ticket printers, and wireless printers. USA.
  • TransAct Technologies
    Designs, develops, assembles, markets and services transaction printers. TransAct's impact, thermal and inkjet printers generate receipts, tickets, coupons, register journals and other documents. The company focuses on two core markets: point-of-sale (POS) and banking, and gaming and lottery.

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