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A dot matrix printer prints a plurality of dots which form an overall image when viewed together. Typically, each dot is formed from one of a plurality of print elements on a printer head. Dot matrix printers commonly employ a printhead with a plurality of individual printing elements arranged in an array extending across the rectilinear path of the printhead relative to a recording medium. Dot matrix printer activates individual printing elements in an array in a pattern of operation that is controlled by a stream of columnar data in successive steps as the printhead traverses a recording medium. In dot matrix printers, each character or segment of a graphical image is comprised of a matrix of dots and blanks which together define the character. Dot matrix printers typically include a horizontally reciprocating print head which is used to form the characters on a web such as paper. Generally, a dot printer requires that mechanisms be moved at a high speed and positioning be performed accurately. There are two types of dot-matrix printers: a line head printer having a fixed print head and a moving head printer having a print head which shuttles across the print sheet and is provided with a plurality of dot-matrix pins or heating elements arranged in an order perpendicular to the width of a print sheet. n general, dot matrix line printers include a print head comprising a plurality of dot printing mechanisms, each including a dot-forming element. The dot forming elements are located along a line that lies orthogonal to the direction of paper movement through the printer.

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  • AMT Datasouth Corp.
    Designs, manufactures and markets heavy-duty dot matrix and thermal printers for vertical markets including transportation, distribution, manufacturing and healthcare. Products include desktop barcode label and tag printers, dot matrix (impact) printers, line printers, and travel automation printer products. USA.
  • Linx Printing Technologies
    Develops and manufactures industrial coding and marking equipment, including ink jet printers, printheads, dot matrix and steered beam laser coders, inks, impulse jet coders, label coding system for high-speed production lines, LC laser etching and scoring system, and hot glass coding system. UK.
  • Printer Systems International
    Manufacturer of heavy duty, solutions oriented business and industry class printers. PSiís serial dot matrix impact printers provide up to 8 readable multi-part copies. PSiís continuous form lasers provide exceptional print quality while maintaining the handling ease and security of continuous forms. USA.
  • Shenzhen Baitong Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of bank anti-peep pinpad, public IC card / RF card telephone, 65-key metal PC keyboard with trackball for internet kiosk access, POS receipt / ticket thermal printer, 90-key programmable POS keyboard, all-purpose metal keypads, and metal trackballs for kiosk. China.
  • Spirit Technology Development Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of dot matrix printer, thermal printer, POS printer, receipt printer, tax-invoice printer and liquid crystal display, for uses in the fields of fire-fighting, medical treatment, finance, taxation, industrial instruments and meters. China.

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