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There are many types of color printers, such as thermal transfer printers, ink-jet printers, and laser printers. Generally, a color printer uses three-colored or four-colored ribbon, which contains yellow (Y), magenta (M), and cyan (C), or black (K) added to them, and obtains a color image by printing each of the above colors on a print medium. Thermal transfer printers transfer ink from an ink ribbon onto recording paper by placing the ink ribbon against the recording paper, heating the thermal head and pressing it against the ink ribbon. There are various types color thermal printers, including direct color thermal printers, thermal color ink transfer printers, and thermal color wax transfer printers. The direct color thermal printer uses a thermosensitive recording sheet which includes cyan, magenta and yellow recording layers having different heat sensitivities to develop respective colors in different heat energy ranges from one another. A color thermal printer uses a color thermosensitive recording paper in which at least three kinds of thermosensitive coloring layers are stacked on a base in order. The color thermosensitive recording paper has at least three color thermosensitive layers which develop cyan, magenta and yellow when heated. A color ink jet printer uses a color ink jet print engine to produce high quality color graphics at high resolution. Ink jet printers have at least one print head from which droplets of ink are directed towards a recording medium. Within the print head the ink is contained in a plurality of channels. The printhead of an ink jet color printer typically has at least one nozzle array for each color. In multicolor ink jet printers, print quality is a function of accurate droplet placement on a print media. A color laser printer forms a color picture by transferring and superposing a plurality of toner images having different colors, which have been formed on a photosensitive member utilizing electro-photographic technology, onto an intermediate transcription member, so as to carry out color picture printing.

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  • Encad, Inc.
    A Kodak company, specializing in digital image printing technology. Offering a broad line of large format color inkjet printers and a complete selection of system tested indoor and outdoor inks and media, used for computer-aided design, point of purchase graphics, photographic enlargement, graphic arts, fine art, textile design and more.
  • Gerber Scientific Products, Inc.
    Development and manufacture of computerized sign making and specialty graphics systems, software, materials, and accessories. Products include digital color imaging system, large format UV inkjet printer, plotters, and router systems. USA.
  • MacDermid ColorSpan Inc.
    Designs, manufactures and markets performanced-based wide format digital inkjet printers for the pay-for-print segment of the graphic communications market. Large format digital color printers include 12-color thermal inkjet printers using water-based dye and pigmented inks, performance-based "Gator" products using piezoelectric print heads and solvent pigmented inks, and UV flatbed printers using UV-cured pigmented inks. USA.
  • Mutoh Industries, Ltd.
    Manufactures large-format inkjet printers for computer-aided design (CAD) and graphics applications. Products large-format color printing system that prints on fabric, textiles, paper, film, vinyl, polypropylene, polyester, banner fabrics and a variety of other materials; high-speed, high-resolution production color inkjet printer for indoor applications; the Falcon Outdoor large-format color printer for outdoor printing; and outdoor large-format printer for commercial volume applications, and the Toucan solvent-based large-format color printing system that allows printing on a variety of uncoated materials. Japan.
  • Xante Corp.
    Provides printing solutions for prepress, graphic, and printing professionals, as well as for general office and network environments. Products range from high-resolution, high-speed monochrome printers to computer-to-plate, computer-to-film, color printing, and screen printing systems.

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