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Paper shredders are designed to meet the need for confidential document disposal. A paper shredder is used to shred paper so as to destroy the data printed on the surface of the paper by tearing the confidential documents into unrecognizable pieces. A typical paper shredder uses shredding modules which comprise a pair of blade shafts in a shredder housing, the shafts having interdigitating rotating blades into which the paper or other sheet material carrying information is fed so that the information carrier will be cut up into strips and collected in a bin, chamber or other collector with which the cutting assembly is associated. A paper shredder contains a paper feeding system for sending the documents inputted through the paper inlet of the shredder main body automatically to the cutter. The feeding system is equipped with a paper set block having a space large enough to accommodate a moderate amount of paper.

Listings on Office electronics : Paper shredders

  • Allegheny Paper Shredders Corporation
    Manufacturer of shredding equipment including paper shredders, security grinders, pierce and shear shredders, product destruction systems, horizontal balers, complete destruction systems, and mobile shredding systems. USA.
  • Ameri-Shred Corp
    Maufacturer of paper shredders, office shredders, industrial shredders, shredding system components (paper metering systems, sorting systems, baler conveyors, balers, cart tippers), security containers, and shredding supplies. USA.
  • Carl Manufacturing USA, Inc.
    Manufacturer of quality precision cutting and punching tools such as personal rotary trimmer, personal paper trimmers, handheld rotary trimmers, professional rotary trimmers, heavy-dutyrotary trimmers, industrial rotary trimmers, materials cutting chart, and hole punching systems.
  • Dahle North America, Inc.
    Manufacturer and distributor of business machines and office products, including paper shredders, disintegrator, rolling trimmers, lever style cuuters, specialty cutting tools, vantage scissors, vantage comfort grip, hand held sharpeners, rotary sharpeners, lead pointers, and office products.
  • Komar Industries, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures waste and materials processing equipment and systems for numerous applications. Products include single rotor shredders, shear shredders, quad shredders, auger compactors, single auger shredders, dual auger shredders, feeders and extruders, tri-auger processors, materials handling equipment, and briquetter. USA.
  • Shred-Tech Corporation
    Specializes in systems for tire shredding, waste processing, product recovery/destruction, computer and electronic hardware recycling, plastics reduction, paper shredding, metals recycling and mobile document destruction systems. Products include mobile destruction systems, mobile collection systems, single rotor shredders, two shaft shredders, four shaft shredders, metal granulator, turnkey reduction & recycling systems, and reconditioned shredders. Canada.

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