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Fax machines have been in widespread use for several decades as a convenient means for transmitting written information. A fax machine is capable of transmitting, receiving, and reproducing graphic matter. A fax machine transmits a document by producing a graphic image of the document which is converted into a data signal. The data signal is transmitted over conventional phone lines to a receiving fax machine which uses the data signal to drive a printer portion of the receiving fax machine to print an image of the document. A facsimile machine generally comprises a fax/modem section as the interface of the facsimile machine to a public network circuit such as a public switched telephone network and a computer unit etc. for executing processing of data and outputting AT commands to the fax/modem section. The transmission unit of a fax machine comprises a feed roller driven to feed sheets of paper individually, and a transmission roller driven to deliver fed sheet of paper at a higher speed. Facsimile machines have various functions, such as an image capturing function, a printing function, a communication function, a multi-copying function, an auto-answer function, a memory transmission function, a scheduled/delayed transmission function and so on. With the image capturing function, a document to be transmitted can be read by means of a scanner. In recent years, as a result of popularization of the internet, facsimile devices have been used which provide functions for connecting a local area network to the internet and exchanging image information between the terminals connected to the different local area networks through the internet.

Listings on Office electronics : Fax machines

  • Brother Industries Ltd.
    Manufacturer of facsimiles, printers, laser multi-function center, ink-jet multi-function center, multi-function products, on-line karaoke systems, typewriters, electronic stationery, domestic sewing machines, industrial sewing machines, electronic direct drive lockstitch bar tacker, and CNC tapping center.
  • Danka Business Systems plc
    Provider of office imaging equipment, document solutions, and related services and supplies. Offers a range of office imaging products, services, supplies and solutions that primarily include digital and color copiers, digital and color multifunction peripherals (MFPs), facsimile machines and software. USA.
  • Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of marine electronics and other equipment, including fish finders, fishing equipment, radars, global positioning system navigators, chart plotters, compasses, radiotelephones, depth recorders, speed logs, integrated bridge systems, electronic chart display and information systems, navigational echo sounders, weather facsimile receivers and other products. Japan.
  • Nakayo Telecommunications, Inc.
    Manufacturer of telecommunications equipment including telephone sets, telephone parts, digital subscriber line (DSL) modems, Internet protocol (IP) terminal equipment, integrated services digital network (ISDN), facsimile machines, alarm equipment, switching equipment and digital transmission systems. Japan.
  • Qiaoxing Electronics
    Manufacturer of communication terminal products including telephone sets and mobile phones, ADSL modem, VoIP phone, fax machine, caller ID phone, PABX system, GSM fixed wireless phone, repetitive-reading cassette player, and electronic toy. China.
  • TOEC Group Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of facsimile machines, electronic devices (electronic transformers and inductors, AC/DC adaptor, toroidal cores), military communication equipment, wireless electricity overload controlling and checking system, optical fiber connector, adaptor, optical splitter, attenuator, expressway optical-fiber emergency phone system, and supplier of electrical manufacturing service (EMS). China.

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