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There are in use today many kinds of copiers or copying machines utilizing electromechanical, photographic or other techniques, which copy the whole of an image and reproduce one or more copies of the image as a continuous operation. The typical office copier features a machine on which a document to be copied is placed after which a button usually is depressed to actuate that machine. Through a photographic exposure process, the machine delivers a copy of the document that originally was placed on top. Copy machines contain an image processing unit that includes a scanner which scans an input image. When the input image is scanned, the processing unit detects if input data is text or a continuous tone image by detecting edges of text objects as well as the color of the text objects. The image processing unit then applies an appropriate image process to the contents of the input image based on the type of image data detected. Generally, a copier has a paper feed mechanism and a sheet or copy discharge mechanism at laterally opposite sides thereof as viewed from the side where one is expected to operate the copier, i.e. the operating side. An automatic document feeder is a common equipment with many modern copiers and is provided on a glass platen for copying multiple documents efficiently. An electrophotographic copier is provided with an optical system including a light source, mirrors and a lens to focus a beam of light reflected from an original document to be copied on a photosensitive body to form thereon a latent image. Digital copiers are image processing devices which scan an image, store a digital representation of the image in memory, and print the digital representation of the image. In order to print the digitized images at a rate similar to rates produced by conventional analog copiers which never store a digital representation of the image but use optical components such as mirrors and lenses to generate an image on a photoconductive drum or belt, a very large amount of data must be moved at a high rate of speed.

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  • Canon
    Offers a full line of copiers ranging from compact desktop PC copiers to high-speed digital multifunction systems with both color and black-and-white output. Products include digital color copiers with a variety of CLCs, black-and-white analog copiers, and digital multifunction copiers.
  • Gestetner
    Manufacturer and supplier of black and white multifunctional copiers, color multifunction systems, black and white printer, cilor laser printer, copyprinters, facsimile machines, wide format imaging system, network appliances and software solutions.
  • Kyocera Mita Corporation
    Manufactures small workgroup digital copier, small workgroup multifunctional system, workgroup/ enterprise full-color / monochrome copier, workgroup monochrome duplex laser printer, wide format imaging system, and multi-functional laser fax systems.
  • Panasonic Office Products
    Manufacturer of C3 series copiers (full color output, a convenient SD card interface, quick start warm-up and advanced security functions), monochrome office copiers (fast first copy up to 8.1 seconds, up to 15 copies-per-minute, 600 x 600 dpi copy resolution, 256-level grayscale, energy saver mode), monochrome workgroup copiers (auto magnification selection, auto paper selection, job memory, interrupt mode, self diagnostic function), monochrome departmental copiers (copying/network printing/ document management), copier accessories and supplies.
  • Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.
    Manufacturer of digital electrostatic photographic (dry process) color copiers, desktop small workgroup copiers, indirect electrostatic photographic laser electronic medium workgroup, dual component large workgroup, turnkey document management & storage server.

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