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A calculator is a device used to perform umerical calculations. Recently, electronic calculators have become substantially miniaturized as a result of technical improvements and capabilities in assembly. The use of electronic digital calculators of reduced size have recently received widespread acceptance and such calculators are becoming increasingly popular as they are compact, lightweight, and can be carried in a briefcase or in the pocket of a user. Portable electronic calculators are presently designed to be used on desk tops or held with one hand while the keyboard is activated with the other. Most of portable calculators used in offices, schools, and homes are simple calculators which carry out basic four arithmetic operations (i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), except for some calculators for technical calculation. A portable electronic calculator generally comprises a keyboard, an electronic arithmetic unit, a multi-digit display unit (usually made from LED lights or liquid crystal),  a power supply circuit (such as a battery or a solar panel), a housing, and electronic circuitry. A solar energy-powered calculator is based on a structure in which a solar cell is either adhered to a chassis composed of a metal frame or plastic material, or is secured to a chassis via a spring. A filter composed of transparent plastic material, for example, acrylic resin, is applied in order to effectively protect said solar cell and improve the unit appearance as well. More complex scientific calculators support trigonometric, statistical and other mathematical functions. The most advanced modern calculators can display graphics, and include features of computer algebra systems. A programmable electronic calculator includes a tape recorder as an outer memory for storing a program or data. The programmable electronic calculator includes a control system for driving the tape recorder in order to conduct the read operation and/or the write operation of the program and the data into and from the tape recorder. A graphing calculator is a special kind of scientific/engineering calculator capable displaying and/or analyzing mathematical function graphs.

Listings on Office electronics : Calculators

  • Cedar Electronics
    Manufacturer of consumer electronics, specializing in producing and exporting digital calendars, desktop calculators, pocket calculators, printing calculators, scientific calculators, organizer calculators, databank, currency converters, multifunction clocks, projection clocks, weather station clocks, talking clocks, radio controlled clocks, electronic game players, and multifunction radios. China.
  • Ego Pacific Limited
    Manufacturer and exporter of electronic consumer products namely desktop dual power calculator, jumbo A4 size calculator, handheld calculator, pocket size calculator, radios, metal clock, pill box timer, bookminder, desktop clock, keychain clock, world time calendar, body fat analyzer, electronic organizer, translator with cover, rotatable pedometer clock, basic step counter, euro converters, world time calendars, and other LCD gadgets with additional features. Hong Kong, China.
  • Lee Handerson (HK) Limited
    Supplier of Christmas ornament, sudoku game, pulse timer, pulse checker with alarm clock, fat checker with peometer and calorie counter, cardio-risk calculator, body mass index and diet calculator, cardio-risk calculator, dosage calculator, body surface area calculator, photo light box, temperature clock, world time clock, alarm clock, desktop calculator, pocket calculator, world time clock/calculator, databank, countdown timer, gift set, currency converter, and automatic telephone dialers. Hong Kong, China.
  • Pretty Rich Industrial Ltd.
    Manufacturer of calculator with key chain, rugby calculator stopwatch, all in one radio stopwatch with compass and torch, panorama designed stopwatch with EL backlight, hexagon shape stopwatch, radio stopwatch and torch, personal guard lantern, quartz clip-on stopwatch, table alarm clock, talking clock, radio, pedometer , dynamo generated kanterns, multi-functional flashlights, and survival alarms. Hong Kong, China.
  • Prevailing Promotional Product
    Manufacturer of calculators, electronic LCD clocks, SIM card backup device and time projector, mini portable speaker, speaker bags, mouse pad with calculator, electronic portable calendar, auto-flip keyboard calendars, wooden pen holders with calendar clock, pedometer with LED light, LED torch, electric nose hair trimmer, measuring tape with light, calculator, pen, and memo pad. China.
  • Rping Group Limited
    Manufacturer of calculator with mirror, liquid calculator, magic box calculator, soft rubber calculator, LCD alarm clock, color changing clock, concept clock, color changing light, USB memory stick, liquid mouse, game player, iron haircurler, magic box cosmetic set, metal keychain, lanyard, pill box timer, mobile phone SIM card backup, silicon watch, pen holder, radios, and timer. China.

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