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Various types of electrical signal filters are used in the CATV industry for controlling, on a frequency basis, the propagation of signals through a cable line. For example, high pass filters are used to prevent the ingress of noise from individual subscriber's televisions into the cable system, which noise would adversely affect the signal supplied to cable internet subscribers. A notch or trap filter is used to add a scrambling signal to or remove a scrambling signal from a transmitted cable signal, to control a subscriber's access to certain subscription channels. Analog filters are used in a variety of applications, such as reducing noise, dampening output signals, reducing ringing, decreasing signals of selected frequencies, amplifying selected frequencies, and converting digital signals to analog. Analog signal filters include discrete circuit components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, and the like. Active filters additionally include amplifiers such as transistors, operational amplifiers, and differential amplifiers.

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  • Avens Signal Equipment Corp.
    Manufacturer of digitally programmable filters, dual function programmable filters, variable voltage controlled filters, anti-aliasing miniature filters, high order fixed frequency filters, active/band pass/band reject filters, variable bandpass/band reject filters, single function filter/amplifier filters, multi-function portable filters, low cost variable filters, 16 channel multi-function filters, multi-channel programmable filters. USA.
  • Corcom
    Supplies three phase external power line filter for frequency converters and WYE wiring applications, lower current three phase filters for WYE wiring applications, general purpose RFI line filters, compact size IEC connector with switch for general or medical applications, stand-alone, signal/data/control line filters, RFI power line filters for DC applications, accessory outlet filter, compact RFI filter with IEC connectors, extractor tool and voltage selection cards, transient voltage suppressors, power connector assemblies and extenders. USA.
  • Frequency Devices, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of signal conditioning, signal processing and signal recognition solutions for the data acquisition, data conversion (ADC and DAC) and data translation market. Products include a wide variety of complex hardware and software, analog and digital (FIR and IIR) fixed frequency and programmable low-pass (anti-alias), high-pass, band-pass and band-reject (notch) electronic filters along with differential input amplifiers and oscillators. USA.
  • Kemo Limited
    Designs and manufactures electronic filters and signal conditioning systems in the frequency range of DC to 1MHz, products include filter modules, fixed frequency and programmable, basic single channel filters, carrier cards, rack systems, laboratory filters, PC and VME cards, and multi-channel filters. UK.
  • Precision Filters, Inc.
    Provides signal conditioning system, programmable amplifier/filter systems, precision signal switching systems, mini-active filter modules, filters and amplifiers for the VMEbus, conditioner and amplifier cards, and miscellaneous preamplifiers. USA.
  • RME Filters, Inc.
    Supplier of electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, military-grade filters (designed and tested to MIL-F-15733), signal line filters for multiple circuit applications, power input filters for equipment, subsystems and power supplies, facility filters, tubular filters for feed-through performance to 10GHz , filter assemblies, and RLC networks. USA.

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