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An exponential D to A signal converter is used to convert a digital input signal consisting of a series of digital pulses to an analog output signal the amplitude of which increases in steps where each step is a percentage of the prior step. A linear D/A converter or A/D converter is an important constituent of the input/output circuit of each of various control systems which utilize digital data processors, for example, computers. Such a converter has heretofore been known in various forms. Signal converters are used with electric motor drives to provide, for example, motor speed or armature current output signals to microprocessors. Signal converters for such arrangements are commercially available which are required for the potential-isolated further processing of measured motor speed values. A universal audio/video signal converter may be used in low power audio and video applications, where balanced-to-unbalanced, and unbalanced-to-balanced, signal conversion is desirable. Signal converters are also used in switching power supplies. Switching power supplies are used extensively as power supplies for telegraphic instruments, and computers. A monolithic light-to-digital signal converter includes a photodiode array having a plurality of sections with each section producing a current signal in response to incident light, a current-to-digital signal converter circuit for converting selected ones of the current signals to a digital signal, and a control circuit for scaling the digital signal in response to user supplied programming signals. A signal converter for converting an analog signal into a pulse signal is used in a detection circuit which detects a number of revolutions of a rotating member. The signal converter converts the sine wave detection signal into a pulse signal having the same frequency as the sine wave detection signal.

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  • Control Sciences, Inc.
    Developing and manufacturing synchro/resolver to digital, digital to synchro/resolver, SSCT, SSCDX, synchro/resolver to dc, synchro amplifiers, synchro/resolver to digital converters, digital synchro meters, digital resolver meters, synchro panel meters, resolver panel meters, auto ranging synchro/resolver angle position indicators, portable decade synchro transmitters, synchro/resolver excitation oscillators and other related conversion products. USA.
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
    Develops and manufactures bridge rectifiers, rectifiers, schottky diodes & rectifiers, small signal diodes, transient voltage suppressors, zener diodes, comparator, operational amplifiers, analog video filters, digital video filter and mixers, clock driver, serializer / deserializer, transceiver, microcontroller, emitting diodes, optical interrupt switches, optically coupled solid state relays, optocouplers, photosensors, reflective object sensors, ACPI controller, coil controller / driver, digital power controller, power controllers / drivers, voltage to frequency converter, digital switch, temperature sensors, voltage detectors, and voltage regulators. USA.
  • Flowmetrics Inc.
    Manufacturer of turbine flowmeters, positive displacement flowmeters, variable area flowmeters, 2-wire frequency to current signal conditioner, 2-wire current to current loop powered isolator, 2-wire frequency to frequency pulse isolator and scaler, signa converters, premium magnetic pickups, field indicators, ratemeters, totalizers, batch controllers, and flow computers. USA.
  • Intronics Inc.
    Designing and manufacturing standard and custom DC/DC converters, isolation amplifiers, monolithic wideband CRT distortion correction device, voltage to current converters, thermocouple signal conditioner, temperature transmitter, time interface cards, function modules, and analog signal processors for mission critical applications. USA.
  • RC Systems Co. Inc.
    Specializes in interfacing various sensors and analyzer devices including master display and alarm monitor / controller, stream sequencer, signal isolator / converter with optional dual alarms, loop powered isolator, analog to modbus converter, and non intrusive magnetic calibrator / sensor transmitter. USA.

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