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Electronic signal conditioners  are designed to optimally condition an output signal that is to operate a particular type of load. In signal receiving instruments, such as recorders and controllers, a signal conditioner is used for converting non-standardized analog signals from a variety of sensors of temperature, pressure, and flow rate, into standardized signals which are accurately readable by a computer. When used for audio applications, signal conditioning circuits are generally built around amplifiers for use in precision signal conditioners took the form of an operational amplifier or an instrumentation amplifier. Capacitive transducers, including strain gages, pressure transducers and accelerometers, are utilized in a half-bridge configuration in which the parameter being measured causes the capacitance of one or both capacitors of a capacitor pair to vary. A signal conditioner is used to generate the excitation signals and to amplify and demodulate the output signal from the strain gage.

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  • Absolute Process Instruments, Inc.
    Specializes in signal conditioning products, signal isolators and industrial signal transmitters. Manufactures industrial electronics including machinery manufacturers, automotive, dairy and factory automation and process control. These products include finished products and subassemblies for vacuum/pressure measurement and control, temperature measurement and control, flow measurement and control, motion control, DC/AC/servo motor drives, signal processing, data logging, and measurement. USA.
  • Action Instruments
    Manufacturer of DC, thermocouple and frequency input Isolating, field configurable signal conditioner, high density DIN rail-mounted modules, 2-wire transmitters and loop-isolators, compact Signal conditioners, process indicators and monitors, high density DIN rail-mounted setpoint controllers and signal conditioners. USA.
  • AW Company
    Manufacturer and distributor of flow control products including positive displacement flow meters, turbine flow meters, thermal mass flow meter, in-line turbidity sensor, remote display flow monitors, electronic sensors, flow computers, I/P converter, engineered systems, on-line optical sensors and signal conditioners. USA.
  • Calex Mfg. Co., Inc.
    Manufactures DC/DC Converters used in telecommunications, medical instruments and industrial control systems, DIN Rail mount converters for process control applications, encapsulated printed circuit board mounted AC to DC power supplies with power levels from 1.5 watts to 10 watts, instrumentation amplifiers and other instrumentation modules for conditioning low level DC signals with special focus on strain gage signal conditioning. USA.
  • ICP DAS USA, Inc.
    Developing industrial and data acquisition systems and intelligent communication products, including programmable automation controllers, embedded / PLC controllers, data acquisition modules, industrial data communication and conversion, signal conditioners, industrial wireless products, quick start solutions, HMI hardware, and accessories.
  • M-System Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of 4-wire signal conditioners, limit alarms, 2-wire signal conditioners, rack-mounted signal conditioners, power transducers, remote I/O gateway, multiplexer, PC recorders, paperless recording system, lightning surge protectors, indicators, final control elements & position sensors, servo valve actuators, manual loader, panel indicators, interposing relay cards, and auxiliary components. Japan.
  • Metrix Instrument Company
    Provides a complete line of vibration instrumentation to measure and monitor, as well as instruments that provide early warning of potential machinery failure. These products include machine condition monitoring systems, proximity systems, transducers, seismic sensors, switches, transmitters, signal conditioners, monitors, portable data collectors and portable meters. USA.
  • NovaLynx Corporation
    Design, fabrication, and integration of meteorological systems, specializes in rugged equipment, suitable for industrial applications, that provides the accuracy required by scientific researchers and weather professionals. Carries a complete line of high quality weather instruments including rain and snow gauges, anemometers and wind vanes, analog signal conditioning interfaces, evaporation pans and sensors, drum recording instruments such as hygrothermographs and barographs, and electronic sensor technologies. USA.
  • Ronan Engineering Company
    Manufacturer of annunciators, fault finders, indicators, lamp boxes, mosaic graphic display, protocol converter (X120-400), sequence of events recorders, calibrator, digital Indicators, I/P & P/I transducers, intrinsic safety barriers, loss of motion detector, process monitors, signal conditioners, transmitters, portable hydrostatic tester, above ground tank monitor, CSLD & inventory management, environmental management, hydrocarbon vapor monitor, probes and detectors, and single or double wall line monitor. USA.
  • Sensorex
    Designs and manufactures precision-engineered electronic and mechanical components and systems for severe environment applications in aerospace and defense. Products include inclinometers, accelerometers, displacement transducer, signal conditioners, electronic interfaces, and shock recorders.
  • Sonoran Microsystems, Inc.
    Makes a broad line of test engineering support equipment, to include: signal conditioners, buffer amplifiers, filters, patch panels and standard/custom interface cabling. signal conditioners range from stand-alone manually switchable configuration types to multi-channel computer controlled systems. USA.
  • Status Instruments
    Designs, manufacturers and markets innovative electronic devices for the process control industry, including signal conditioners/transmitters, data loggers, signal converters, transmitters, isolators, digital indicators and power supplies and alarms. USA.
  • Vibro-Meter, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures aircraft fuel quantity gauging systems, fuel flow, engine oil level, and oil pressure sensors, chip detectors and chip collectors, sensors, signal conditioners, compact monitors, optical combustion monitors, ignition systems, piezoelectric transducers, and space qualified high-resolution nano-measurement displacement/position measuring systems.

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