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Signal amplifiers are used in a variety of fields by adopting circuit systems suited for respective fields. Audio signal amplifier systems are used in conferencing systems, sound amplifying systems in halls or in the open air and in hearing aids. A D-class signal amplifier of low power consumption is mainly used as a power driving circuit for driving a speaker. Optical waveguide signal amplifiers comprise a glass, optical waveguide fiber doped with an optically active material. Such amplifiers are intended for use in long distance, optical fiber, telecommunications systems. Variable gain voltage signal amplifiers may be employed in electronic circuits that read signals or information stored on a disk or diskette. Controllable gain signal ampliifer circuits are widely used in television receivers to control volume, color saturation, tint and constrast functions. A broadband signal amplifier is suitable for use in measuring apparatus, communication apparatus, medical apparatus, high-definition television circuits, circuits for color graphic display devices and computer monitors, and, for amplifier circuits for amplifying signals sampled at high sampling frequencies in digital apparatus. Differential signal amplifiers amplify a differential signal to form an amplified differential output signal and can be used for a variety of purposes and within different types of circuits. Typical uses of differential signal amplifiers include using an amplifier with a gain greater than 1 to increase the amplitude of the input signal. Other uses include using the amplifier as a buffer between circuits. Applications for differential signal amplifiers include uses within current mode logic (CML) circuits.

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  • AR Worldwide
    Manufacturer of RF power amplifiers, solid state microwave amplifiers, TWT amplifiers, antennas, transient generators, EMC test systems and software, field probes and monitors, test accessories, RF test system controllers, EMI receivers & EMI receiver systems for EMC and surveillance applications, impulse generators (calibrators), leak detectors, and EMI pollution detectors. USA.
  • Bak Electronics
    Provides single unit discrimination and data processing system, analog signal filter, metal microelectrode preamplifier and impedance tester, AC differential amplifiers, custom designed miniature multichannel recording system, time amplitude window discriminator, analog delay, interspike interval converter, AC bridge intergrator, digital timer counter, biaphasic pulse generators, stimulus isolators, and electrode impedance tester. USA.
  • DL Instruments
    Designs, manufactures, sells, and services a range of electronic instrumentation for industrial, commercial, and laboratory use. Products include current preamplifiers, electronic filters, hydrophone preamplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, light beam chopper, remote signal input module, PC lock-in amplifier, low noise voltage preamplifiers, and high impedance preamplifiers. USA.
  • Ectron Corporation
    Manufactures instrumentation products for data acquisition and calibration, including transducer conditioner amplifiers, AC power sources, thermocouple simulator/calibrators, thermocouple cold-junction compensators, frequency-to-voltage converters, and LVDT/RVDT signal conditioners. USA.
  • FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH
    Offers a wide range of amplifier and photoreceiver solutions for scientific and industrial applications. Products include current / transimpedance amplifiers, voltage amplifiers, femtowatt photoreceiver, lock-in-amplifiers, custom designed modules and systems, high-speed GHz amplifiers, power supplies, connectors, and cables. Germany.
  • Michigan Scientific Corporation
    Manufacturer of strain gage differential amplifiers, thermocouple amplifiers, AC and DC power supplies, frequency to voltage encoder electronics, resolver demodulation electronics, fiber-optic systems, Wireless sensor telemetry systems, vehicle component transducers, and rugged vehicle test data acquisition equipment. USA.
  • RDP Electrosense Inc.
    Manufacturer of linear variable differential transformer, gauging transducers, capacitive position sensor, string pot transducers, angle transducers, capacitive series tension/compression load cells, pressure transducers, in-line signal conditioning amplifiers, digital indicator, and modular electronics. USA.
  • Robert Owen Inc.
    Specializes in the manufacture of instrument amplifiers and instrumentation systems, including loop powered 4-20mA transmitters for sensor measurement, isolation amplifiers for signal conditioning, 4-20mA transmitters, and signal conditioners for a variety of resistive and voltage devices. USA.
  • Signal Recovery
    Designs and manufactures lock-in amplifiers (dual phase wide bandwidth DSP lock-in amplifier, high performance dual phase lock-in amplifier), boxcar and signal averagers, counter and timer, digital delay generator, multiplexer, TOF-MS data acquisition products, light choppers and noise rejecting voltmeter. USA.

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