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A digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor which can process signal streams with complex mathematical formulas in real time. Digital signal processors can perform signal processing used for a variety of multimedia applications, such as electronic data processing, high precision servo control, graphics various capabilities for work stations, robotics, image processing, process control, real time simulation and instrumentation, speech recognition and synthesis, and telecommunication capabilities such as PBX, modems and facsimiles. A typica digital signal processor includes a controller which decodes instructions, by controlling operations of a high speed data path, registers, and a memory address generator. Individual instructions are fetched to the controller and the controller decodes each instruction and sends control signals to the data path, registers, and memory address generator to perform the actions required by the instruction. Through programmed combinations of instructions, any variety of data processing operations can be accomplished. Digital signal processors have a wide range of application such as in mobile phones, cordless phones, personal digital assistant (PDA), local area network (LAN) cards, cable modems, and a host of radio frequency (RF) communication devices, including conventional and high-definition television (HDTV) sets and radio receivers.

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  • AverLogic Technologies, Inc.
    Specializes in high-performance application specific memory and video processing circuits. Products include a wide array of video frame and line buffers, video decoder and ADC ICs, video surveillance controller ICs, LCD display controller ICs, video conversion ICs, multimedia network controller ICs, format converters and highly integrated video processors. Taiwan, China.
  • Bridgenorth Signal Processing Inc.
    Design and consulting firm specializing in custom-designed DSP solutions for industrial applications, products include PC-based DSP systems with analog I/O, PC-based DSP systems, stand-alone DSP with flexible I/O, PC-based data acquisition boards, I/O mezzanine cards for PC-based and stand-alone DSP systems, ISA-based systems including DSP system boards and analog I/O modules. Canada.
    Manufactures antennas, receivers, signal processors, digitizers, signal analysis software packages and integrated systems for ELINT, ESM, ECM, and SIGINT applications.Typical applications include reconnaissance, surveillance, maritime patrol, situational awareness, and air defense systems. USA.
  • Gennum Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and markets silicon integrated circuits (ICs), modules and thin-film hybrid microcircuit components including analog video processing, serial digital video transmission, video format conversion and image processing for both standard and high definition TV and display applications, components for analog and digital signal processing hearing instrument products. Canada.
  • Mango DSP Inc.
    Manufacturer of high-performance signal processing hardware and software DSP solutions for the video and imaging market. Products include multiprocessing embedded systems combining I/O, DSP (digital signal processing) processing and host processor, rugged military VME boxes, industrial cPCI and PCI systems, Seagull PMC and Falcon PMC cards, PCI cards, CPCI cards, video servers, VME cards, and core competence. USA.
  • OASIS SiliconSystems AG
    Develops and manufactures network interface controllers, intelligent network interface controller, advanced system on a chip, application specific media processors, mediaLB controllers, mediaLB dDevice implementations, mediaLB tools, mediaLB training / workshops, MOST system management module, system development tools, mediaLB tools, network analysis tools, rapid prototyping tools, and IC analysis tools. Germany.
  • Silicon Image
    Designs, develops and markets multi-gigabit semiconductor solutions for the secure transmission and storage of rich digital media. Products include HDMI transmitters, HDMI receivers, digital video processors, digital video controllers, LCD panel controllers, SATA storage IC products, scalable storage architecture, and SATA devices. USA.
  • SmartASIC, Technology Inc.
    Manufacturer of TV video processing chips and total solutions for various digital video displays including HDTV, CRT TV, LCD TV, PDP TV, Car TV and Wireless TV, TFT LCD panel source and gate driver chips, timing controllers, PDP panel data and scan driver, and ASIC solutions for special DRAM modules. USA.

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