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A SOC (system on a chip) is a single integrated circuit, i.e., a processor, a bus, and other elements on a single monolithic substrate. A system on a chip may include a configurable logic unit. The configurable logic unit includes a processor, interface, and a programmable logic on the same substrate. An system-on-chip IC includes various reusable functional blocks, such as microprocessors, interfaces, memory arrays, and DSPs (digital signal processors). Such pre-designed functional blocks are commonly called cores. Generally, the SOC includes a plurality of cores in a single chip. The cores embedded in the SOC are separately designed and tested before being combined in a chip. SOCs have significant advantages over electronic systems created on boards with discrete components.  An integrated circuit having an SOC is much smaller than a circuit board based system. The reduction in size afforded by SOCs also leads to improvements in power consumption and device speed. SOCs combine fixed and programmable intellectual property cores with custom logic and memory, connected through a bus, on a single piece of silicon, thereby greatly reducing its overall cost.

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  • 3DSP Corporation
    Provides DSP core optimized for universal physical layer signal processing, Fixed point DSP core, configurable scalable DSP core, configurable DSP system bus controller, configuration Tool for DSP based SoC design, software development tools, flexible development environment with optional FPGA-based and ASIC-based daughter boards. USA.
  • Equator Technologies
    Provides development boards and reference hardware platforms, programmable system-on-chip processors for video and image processing applications across a wide range of consumer and enterprise markets. Its video-centric solutions provide the critical building blocks for cutting-edge, video-centric devices such as 'future-proof' set-top boxes, integrated VOD TVs, DVRs, home gateways, smart cameras and other media-rich appliances. USA.
  • NeoMagic Corporation
    Delivers semiconductor chips and software that provide mobile solutions that enable new multimedia features for handheld devices. Provides applications processors to enable new generations of handheld systems. The company has pioneered the integration of memory, complex logic, and analog circuits into single-chip solutions. USA.
  • Palmchip Corporation
    Provides a diverse choice of solutions and services to clients in the area of application development, maintenance and migration. Also provides off-the-shelf configurable, tested, and verified system-on-chip platforms and stand-alone IP modules that enable our customers to successfully deliver mega-gate system-on-chip (SOC) devices for embedded applications. USA.
  • Piconetics, Inc.
    Designs, develops and markets chips for display system-on-a-chip solutions. Also dedicated to the research and development of power recycling technologies for applications in computing, consumer electronics and communications industries. USA.
  • Provigent Inc.
    Develops integrated silicon solutions for the broadband wireless transmission industry. Offers System-on-chip (SoC) solutions for the broadband wireless transmission industry that enable wireless system vendors to develop cost effective solutions and shorten the development cycle and the integration process. Products include point to point terminal modem, modem development kits for broadband wireless transmission systems, and single chip point-to-multipoint base station and terminal modems. USA.
  • SigmaTel, Inc.
    Designs, develops, and markets proprietary, analog intensive, mixed-signal ICs for a variety of digital multimedia products in the consumer electronics and computing markets, including portable compressed audio players, such as MP3 players, notebook and desktop PCs, digital video cameras, multi-function peripheral products, digital televisions and set-top boxes. Provides system on chip solution for flash-based and hard disk-based digital multimedia players, and complete, system-level solutions that include highly- integrated ICs, customizable firmware and software, software development tools, reference designs, and applications support. USA.
  • Trident Microsystems, Inc.
    Designs, develops and markets digital television system-on-chip (SOC) solutions for digital flat CRT TV, LCD TV, PDP TV, micro display projection TV, AV notebook PC, and high definition TV (HDTV), products feature ten-bit mixed-signal video pipe including a high-performance ADC, 3D color decoder, high-performance de-interlacer, and high-quality scaler.

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