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Embedded systems are devices used to control, monitor or assist the operation of equipment, machinery or larger systems. In electronics industry, numerous devices have been designed having a some sort of microprocessor or a corresponding processor as the basic functional component. This processor can be positioned in connection with a microcontroller, wherein it has some peripherals positioned in the same microchip. These devices are also called an embedded system. The term "embedded" reflects the fact that these components are an integral part of the overall system. Embedded systems generally are developed around custom hardware, require high quality and reliability, and frequently deal with real-time or multi-tasking environments for specific applications. Embedded computer systems typically include a processor to run the code, a non-volatile memory to store the code, and a volatile memory to store data and temporary information the code uses. In most systems the volatile memory is random access memory (RAM) and the non-volatile memory is programmable read only memory (PROM). An embedded computer system is a computer which is physically embedded within a larger system and whose primary purpose is to maintain some property or relationship between the other components of the system in order to achieve the overall system objective. Embedded systems are now used in a wide variety of systems, such as aircraft, automobiles, appliances, weapons, medical devices, and computer peripheral devices. Actually, embedded systems include almost any device, which employs a microprocessor and/or a microcontroller and is not directed only to general-purpose computation. Examples of embedded systems may include cellular phones, set-top boxes, and PDA (personal digital assistant) etc.

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  • aJile Systems Inc.
    Provides complete solutions for embedding Java performance into smart mobile devices, wireless consumer appliances, industrial control, wireless remote sensing, and automotive communication devices over Internet. Provides real-time low-power Microprocessors are ideally suited to power real-time networked embedded products such as smart mobile devices, consumer appliances, industrial controllers, automotive communication devices and smart sensors. USA.
  • Alacron, Inc.
    Offers a comprehensive line of products based on microprocessors and FPGA's, programmable FPGA data acquisition units that also perform pre-processing or low level processing. This includes processor and multiprocessor accelerated framegrabbers , framegrabbers, I/O boards, daughter cards, system software including comprehensive application libraries, and complete integrated application development platforms. USA.
  • California Micro Devices.
    Supplier of application specific analog semiconductor products for the mobile handset, personal computer and digital consumer electronics markets. Products include low-capacitance ESD protection arrays, AC signal ESD protection devices, Zener-clamped ESD protection arrays, transient voltage protection arrays, chip-scale ESD protection arrays, EMI filters, combined function EMI+ESD protection devices, interface devices, low drop-out voltage regulators, DDR memory power devices, and chip scale packaging products. USA.
  • Netlist, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, and markets highly customized, high-density memory subsystems for the server, high- performance computing and communications markets. The company’s memory subsystems are developed for applications where memory is critical in meeting system performance requirements. These applications include tower servers, rack-mounted servers, blade servers, high-performance computing clusters, engineering workstations and telecommunication switches. USA.
  • ZiLOG, Inc.
    Manufactures processor-based semiconductors that include microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors that process information, output data or control signals according to programmed instructions and various external inputs; 8-bit Serial Communication Controllers (SCCs), Z8 wireless MCUs, PCMCIA adapter chips, and the Z80382 16-bit microprocessor designed to address high-end data communications applications; digital signal processors; 8-bit TV controllers for both PAL and NTSC television systems; general-purpose 1-meter SIR devices (115.2kbps) for PDAs, appliances, and handheld instruments; high-data-rate FIR devices (4Mbps) for notebook PCs, printers, and digital still cameras, and low-power 20cm and 1-meter devices for mobile telephones and Internet appliances. USA.

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