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A microprocessor is a integrated circuit semiconductor chip that combines the instruction-handling, arithmetic, and logical operations of a computer on a single semiconductor integrated circuit. A microprocessor system typically includes a central processor unit (CPU), memory subsystem and input/output subsystem to permit the system to communicate with the outside world. Typical microprocessors have registers, arithmetic logic units, memory, input/output circuits and other similar components which are hard wired together. A microprocessor as a main element in the microprocessor system is connected to memories or peripheral units via a data bus, an address bus, and a control bus. A microprocessor comprises an external and/or internal memory indicated by means of alignment boundaries for storing data. An arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) carrying out calculations in the microprocessor employs registers to temporarily store the data to be processed in the calculations. Data is transferred according to need between the memory and the register. A microprocessor includes a datapath portion and a control portion. Data and addresses are manipulated in the datapath portion. The control portion is operative to decode instructions in a program into a form suitable for controlling that manipulation. Programs typically are stored in a main memory external to the chip and include sequences of instructions and data at specified addresses in the memory. Microprocessors include a cache memory which stores a subset of data stored in other memories of the computer system. When the processor executes an instruction that references data, the processor first checks to see if the data is present in the cache. Microprocessors can be grouped into two general classes, general-purpose microprocessors designed to be programmable by the user to perform any of a wide range of tasks, and special-purpose microprocessors designed to be programmable by the user to perform any of a wide range of tasks. Microprocessor architectures may generally be classified as either complex instruction set computing (CISC) architectures or reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures.

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  • Cirrus Logic
    Develops high-precision analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs), products include analog and mixed-signal audio ICs for consumer, professional and automotive entertainment applications, as well as high-precision analog and mixed-signal ICs for Industrial applications, such as industrial measurement, analytical instruments, consumer utility, digital power meters and seismic systems. Also develops embedded processor ICs, such as audio-optimized digital signal processors for consumer and professional audio applications, and ARM-based embedded processors for consumer and industrial applications. USA.
  • Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for wireless, networking, automotive, consumer and industrial markets. Products include 8-bit microcontrollers, 16-bit microcontrollers, 32-Bit microcontrollers & processors, clock drivers, analog and mixed signal, application-specific standard products, digital signal processors & controllers, RF linear amplifiers, RF power GaAs transistors, mobile phone platforms, application processors, access and remote control. USA.
  • Hyperstone AG
    Manufactures microcontroller, microprocessor, communication controller and network processor chips, application specific standard products (ASSP), flash memory card controllers, firmware and manufactruing-kits for solid state storage media applications including secure digital cards (SD), multi-media-cards (MMC), compact flash memory cards (CF), mini-SD, reduced-size MMC (RSMMC), USB-memory sticks, solid state disks (SSD), RISC/DSP processor architecure and core for licensing as semiconductor intellectual property (SIP). Germany.
  • Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
    Product offering includes IP co-processors, serial switching devices, traffic manager, integrated comm. processors, flow-control management, telecommunication ICs, FIFO products, multi-port products, timing solutions, memory interface products, SAW filter products, digital video interface products, carrier-class media gateways, wireless access points, digital logic products, and SRAMs
  • Patriot Scientific Corp.
    Developing and marketing innovative and proprietary semiconductor technologies including fundamental microprocessors, for applications in wireless devices, smart cards, home appliances and gateways, set top boxes, entertainment technology, automotive telematics, biomedical devices, as well as industrial controllers. USA.
  • Performance Semiconductor Corporation
    Manufactures high performance military processors which execute the MIL-STD-1750A instruction set architecture as well as RISC processors based on the MIPS architecture, high speed and low power SRAMs for the commercial, industrial and military markets. SRAM densities range from 1K to 1 Meg with speeds as fast as 8 ns (64K density). USA.
  • Transmeta Corporation
    Develops and licenses innovative computing, microprocessor and semiconductor technologies and related intellectual property. Products include x86-compatible software-based microprocessors, which deliver a balance of low power consumption, high performance, low cost and small size suited for diverse computing platforms. Also develops power management technologies for controlling leakage and increasing power efficiency in semiconductor and computing devices. USA.
  • Ubicom, Inc.
    Develops communications and media processor (wireless network processors) and software platforms for real-time, interactive applications and multimedia content delivery in the digital home. The company provides optimized system-level solutions to OEMs for a wide range of products including wireless routers, access points, VoIP gateways, streaming media devices, print servers and other network devices. USA.
  • Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
    Develops and manufactures low (RDSon) cross point switches, video switches, medical surge protection device, laser diode drivers, current feedback, logarithmic & limiting amplifiers, power splitter amplifiers, voltage feedback, caller ID, codecs DTMF (dual tone multiple frequency), integrated digital phones, line interfaces, primary rate transmission, pseudo-wire processors, TDM-to-packet processors, managed switches, managed switches with flow classification, unmanaged switches, TDM/TSI switches, ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) SAR processors, low-voltage acoustic echo canceller, multi-channel ADPCM transcoders, frequency divider & prescalers, professional synthesizers, global positioning systems (GPS), remote control, medical RF transceivers, algorithm specific DSPs, baseband processors, and RF radio interfaces. Canada.

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