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Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a substrate through micro fabrication technology. Microelectromechanical systems utilize micromachining techniques (i.e., lithographic and other precision fabrication techniques) to reduce mechanical components to a scale that is generally comparable to microelectronics. There are many MEMS devices, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, temperature sensors, chemical sensors, micro-lenses, comb drive actuators, piezoelectric actuators, blood analysis chips, resonators, genetic analysis chips, adaptive optics, arrayed fiber optic switch chips, automotive engine analysis sensor suites, and micro satellite components. Microelectromechanical systems are typically actuated in a manner where the direction of the load forces are substantially collinear with the motion of the actuator. MEMS switches use electrostatic actuation to create movement of a beam or membrane that results in an ohmic contac or in a change in capacitance, by which the flow of the RF signal is interrupted. Microelectromechanical system sensors gather information from the environment through measuring mechanical, thermal, biological, chemical, optical, and magnetic phenomena. Microelectromechanical devices are useful in many applications.

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  • Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc.
    Develops pressure sensors and applications for automotive, medical and industrial uses, wireless key components, modules for bluetooth, WLAN and cellular phones, and broadband optical communications components such as VOA, OS, etc. Products include optical switches, scanning mirrors, variable optical attenuator, WLAN 802.11b single module, bluetooth V1.2 full module, duplexer for CDMA, and pressure sensors. Taiwan, China.
  • Blu-Si, Inc.
    Produces custom silicon micromachining devices including optical fiber aligner, optical bench/platform, microfluidic filters, microfluidic flow restrictors, pressure sensors, blood pressure sensor, and wire bonding test wafers. Provides designing, engineering, photolithography, micromachining (surface and bulk), thin film deposition and packaging services. USA.
  • Boston Micromachines Corporation
    Produces micro-machined deformable mirrors for optical wavefront control. Products include continuous and segmented deformable mirrors for adaptive optics (AO) applications requiring cost-effective wavefront compensation, and compact devices for microscopes, telescopes and laser beam forming systems. USA.
  • C2V
    Specializes in OEM handheld analytical instrumentation and software tools for the design of microsystem and photonic devices. Develops, manufactures and supplies hand held and remote analysis solutions and products including micro analytical components, micro chromatograph components and systems (HPLC, micro GC), microfluidics components and integrated systems, micro valves & micro valve arrays, micro flow sensors, nano mixers, nano filters, micro nozzles, sprayers, and actuators / positioners. The Netherlands.
  • Innovative Micro Technology
    Specializes in design, prototyping, process development, and high-volume manufacturing of a wide range of products, as well as providing a full MEMS foundry services, addressing a spectrum of applications. Products include security devices for electronics, gene chips and detection systems, guidance and navigational devices, application-specific atomic force microscopy cantilevers with specialized coatings and configurations, fluidic distribution systems, add/drop switches and 2x2 protection/rerouting switches, electrostatic, electromagnetic, and capacitive RF devices, gas, chemical, and environmental/hazard detection sensors, and copper interconnects for telephone and dsl applications. USA.
    Offers proven MEMS solutions that include components, component design, prototyping and manufacturing services. Products include high-Q inductors, RF switches, variable capacitors, customers above-IC technology, IP business model, wireless white papers, switches for both existing and next-generation switching applications, variable optical attenuators, digital variable optical attenuators, multi wavelength switching and monitoring, multi-application sensors for the development of critical aerospace/defense, medical/biomedical and energy-related equipment.
  • Micralyne Inc.
    Development and manufacturing of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical-systems)-based components the communications, energy, life sciences, and transportation markets. Micralyne’s micron-scale solutions (i.e. 1000 microns = 1 millimetre) are found in automotive emission sensors, optical switching technology in telecommunication networks, lab-on-a-chip devices for drug discovery, and commercial press equipment. Canada.
  • Micronics, Inc.
    Developer of in vitro diagnostic products for disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring. Offers both stand-alone lab cards and a unique fluidic pump system with integrated, active cards. Provides custom lab card design and development services - including stand-alone lab cards as well as integrated card/instrument systems. USA.
  • MicroSurfaces Inc.
    Offers a complete line of functionalized surfaces with zero background for protein immobilization & biomedical research. MSI's technology provides a low surface energy coating which eliminates the tendency of MEMS parts to stick together or slide poorly; a problem referred to as "stiction", and reduces the problem of long term performance drift due to surface changes, also provides low background coatings for the immobilization of biomolecues, such as DNA and proteins, etc., and surface modification for microfluidic devices. USA.
  • Sporian Microsystems Inc.
    Develops and commercializes MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) based products, including sensors for environmental monitoring, for a range of industries including: energy generation, water heath management, environmental safety, homeland defense, telecommunications, aerospace, and military and commercial resource management, and consistently deliver value to customers on custom R&D projects through leading edge solutions. USA.
  • TRONIC'S Microsystems
    Develops and manufactures custom MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) and microsystems for high-end applications in low to medium unit volume. The company has gained industry recognition for its experience and expertise in industrializing and producing high performance, high value-add custom MEMS products based on specialized process flows. France.

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