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In many industrial applications, a variety of data reading must be recorded, such as the temperature reading, pressure value, flow rate or electric power reading, etc. Data recorders are used in a wide variety of applications for imprinting various types of forms, and documents. Data loggers are employed in many industries to ascertain environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, and the like over a period of time. Data loggers generally include memory chips or strip charts for electronic recording, probes or sensors which measure product environmental parameters and are connected to the data logger.

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  • Apogee Labs, Inc.
    Manufacturer of modular data interface products, rugged and rack mount systems, digital recorders, recorder multiplexer and demultiplexer, bit error rate and data link testers, data acquisition multiplexer, gear for satellite tracking and control systems, COFDM transmitters and receivers for composite data streams. USA.
  • Corsa Instruments, Inc.
    Produces data logger systems featuring 8 analog and 2 RPM data channels, easy-to-use one-click wireless data download, and programmable sampling rates in a water-resistant housing measuring 4.5?x 3.4?x 1.5?and weighing 8.7 oz. USA.
  • DRS Technologies, Inc.
    Develops and manufactures data and signal recorders, including small lightweight rugged recorder, multi-channel wideband recorder, multi-channel A/D ?D/A subsystem, clear bit single or dual channel, multi-channel serial clock and data, integrated data recording systems, expansion chassis, and transport cases. USA.
  • Dryden Instrumentation
    Specializes in providing a field-ready instrumentation package including the data logger, batteries, sensors, enclosure, thermistor strings and accessories, logger configuration, assembly, testing, and wiring diagrams. USA.
  • Fischer Barometer
    Manufacturer of electronic data logger, data logger for atmospheric pressure and air temperature, data logger for atmospheric pressure and air temperature, precision aneroid barometers, aneroid barographs, electronic hygrometer and thermometer, radio data logger, thermohygrographs, precipitation gauge for recording, automatic weather station / data logging systems. Germany.
  • Fourier Systems
    Manufacturer of compact portable data logging devices and accessories, including simple and low cost data logger for maintaining quality, data logging system for remote data logging of up to 200 data loggers, mid-range wireless data logger with friendly graphic displays, triple platform data logger for Palm, PC and stand-alone. USA.
  • General Oceanics
    Dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing of water and air sampling and analysis products, including autonomous surface water and atmospheric monitor, CTD probes, rosette water sampling systems, water samplers, electronic flowmeter, data loggers and sensors, plankton and oil spill nets, blocks and sheaves. USA.
  • High Sierra Electronics
    Designs and manufactures single channel data recorder, data reader module, remote recording data logger, interrogation system, omni-directional antenna, broad band antenna, high gain directional antenna, desiccant canister, rain gauge station, pressure transducer station, precipation gauge, shaft encoder signal conditioner, and SDI input to analog output converter. USA.
  • Lansmont Corporation
    Provides data logger, temperature recorder, humidity recorder, vibration measurement, impact recorder, shock recorder, vibration measurement, drop testers, shock testers, vibration testers, compression testers, field measurement, product testing, package testing, and training services. USA.
  • Reach Technologies Inc.
    Offers digital data recorders / reproducers based on disk and tape technologies for spacecraft to ground and aircraft to ground telemetry recording and for development of telemetry systems, bit error rate testers (including turnkey and board level products), and telemetry interfaces. Canada.
  • Slope Indicator
    Manufactures extensometers, inclinometers, piezometers, pressure cells, settlement cells, soil strainmeter, bassett convergence system, crackmeters and jointmeters, liquid level system, load cells, strain gauges, tape extensometer, temperature sensor, tiltmeters, EL data recorder, VW data recorder, pneumatic indicator, water level indicator, data loggers, instantel vibration monitors, and terminal boxes. USA.
  • Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer of weather stations, data loggers, degree day recorders, chlorophyll meter, integrated pest management (IPM) tools, soil moisture probe, soil compaction meter, and soil moisture data loggers. USA.
  • TandD US LLC.
    Supplier of wireless data loggers, offers a comprehensive line of devices for measuring and recording temperature, humidity, voltage, event and other information. Products include wireless data logger, compact waterproof data logger, network-dedicated temperature and humidity data logger, wide range data logger, voltage data logger, and handy data collector.
  • The Dickson Company
    Manufacturer of LCD display data loggers, humidity and dew point chart recorder with digital display and remote probe, temperature & humidity indicator, radio signal hygrometer, temperature chart recorder, high temperature waterproof data loggers, non-contact infrared indicators with laser sighting, vaccine chart recorder, disposable transportation recorders, pressure chart recorder with NEMA 4x enclosure, pressure data logger with digital display, electronic signal data loggers, and universal input chart recorder. USA.

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