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Data collection systems have been utilized for automated data capture in a variety of applications ranging from inventory management and control, route accounting, electronic exchange of product and price information, parcel delivery and invoicing. Hand-held portable data collection systems permit in field data collection for up-to-date information processing. A data collection terminal is made up of a number of peripheral devices and a microprocessor, all coupled to a common bus. When a peripheral device requests attention, it sends an interrupt signal on the bus to the microprocessor. A portable data terminal may include such apparatus as keypads, touch screens, laser scanners, and optical indicia readers, which allow the data terminal to read and manipulate data recorded in a variety of mediums and in many different formats. The data terminals may be taken to merchandise storage facilities for inventory control or customer service transactions, or may be used in any one of various other commercial applications to serve as data input or output devices for central data processing and control systems. Portable data collection terminals are widely utilized in both service and manufacturing industries. Portable data terminals typically include apparatus to facilitate efficient input and manipulation of data by a user.

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  • 4P Mobile Data Processing
    Designing and manufacturing specialised palm computers and hand held computers including pen touch palm computer, barcode scanner, key based palm computer, radio frequency identification, hand held compute for hazardous environments, dubrable mobile printer, and vechicle gateway. Italy.
  • Accu-Time Systems
    Provider of biometric and non-biometric workforce management tools, offering state-of-the-art solutions for time and attendance, payroll, and security access. Products include workforce management systems, data collection terminals, access control systems, and evironmentally sealed ATS terminals. USA.
  • Epic Data Inc.
    Develops a broad range of data capture and production execution systems, including lean supply chain management modules, lean inventory management modules, lean manufacturing execution modules, shop floor data collection systems, warehouse data collection systems, time and attendance data collection systems. Canada.
  • Inducomp Corporation.
    Specializes in manufacturing and selling factory data collection devices for industrial applications. Product line consists of data acquisition terminals, industrial thin client computers, wireless clients, bar code scanners, keyboard wedge decoders, laser guns, CCD scanners, barcode & magnetic stripe readers, and other data collection devices.USA.
  • LINX Data Terminals, Inc.
    Developer of intelligent networked data collection, network terminals, data collection, entry systems, shop floor tracking, inventory tracking, automated data collection, retrieval terminals and advanced application development tools and host connectivity software. USA.
  • Micromation, Inc.
    Provides badge scanners, fixed scanners, handheld scanners, image scanners, RFID readers, 2-D scanners, barcode verifiers, batch scanners, wireless scanners, RFID printers, color printers, label & ticket printers, portable printers, rugged handheld data collection terminals, pen notepad/tablets, stationary data computers, RF vehicle-mount computers, finger print, and RFID integration services. USA.

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