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  • Gage Applied Technologies
    Manufactures high performance test and measurement solutions for the PCI and cPCI/PXI platforms, including a family of multi-MHz to GHz digitizers and PC-based oscilloscope cards, analog signal generator cards, digital input and digital output cards, as well as the programming-free PC oscilloscope software and a vast array of powerful software development kits. Canada.
  • Heim Data Systems, Inc.
    Produces general purpose recorders for laboratory, mobile and benign environment airborne acquisition of analog, digital and bus data in the general industrial, scientific and research environments, including automotive, aerospace, medical, utility and transport applications; rugged, test recorders for airborne, mobile and laboratory acquisition of analog, digital, bus, video and communications data in non-benign environments typical of aerospace and military applications; ground station & telemetry, signal conditioning channels.
  • Lawson Labs, Inc.
    Manufacturer of 24-bit delta-sigma converter, parallel port interface, sampling successive approximation converter, 12-bit simultaneous sampling converter, differential multiplexer, expansion module, thermocouple amplifier, general purpose amplifier, analog output card with digital, reed relay module, PC104-based flexible acquisition sytem, data acquisition systems with CompactFlash removable media, temperature stabilized bridge amplifier module, and data logging software. USA.
  • Measurement Computing Corporation
    Manufacturer of high-drive voltage output, battery powered remote temperature logger, USB-based 8 channel electromechanical relay interface, 8 isolated input USB-based digital I/O system, USB-based solid-state 24 I/O module interface, USB-based digital I/O module, ethernet-based 16 form C relays and 16 high voltage inputs, analog I/O board, analog output board, 16 bit counter/timer, quadrature encoders and interrupts, serial I/O modules, analog input / output module racks, solid state relays, electro mechanical relay racks, and computer interfaces. USA.

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