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A chart recorder is commonly used to provide a graphic record of transient phenomena. Chart recorders are used in various applications where it is necessary or desirable to make a permanent visual record of variable data. Strip chart recorders are used to record various time varying signals. A strip chart recorder may be used to record atmospheric temperature, or it may be used with medical monitoring devices to record physiological data, such as the results of an electrocardiagram. Strip chart recorders provide a means of producing a permanent record of data for numerous uses. Strip chart recorders commonly use a paper supply that consists of a continuous web of paper that may be stored on a roll or stacked as connected sheets or pages. Thermal chart recorders utilize stationary thermal print heads for applying images to thermally sensitive paper charts. Thermal chart recorders are generally capable of generating high resolution wave form images.

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  • Anderson Instrument Co.
    Designs and manufactures a broad line of sanitary process instrumentation including circular chart recorders, recording controllers, magnetic flowmeter, positive displacement flowmeter, batch controller, non-contact Radar level transmitter, sanitary liquid level transmitter, potentiometric level transmitter, digital pressure gauge and switch, digital indicating thermometer, toroidal conductivity sensor, differential pressure switch, and single channel liquid level monitor. USA.
  • Astro-Med, Inc.
    Manufacturer of EEG, LTM & PSG recording systems, electrodes & other recording supplies, amplifiers, portable data acquisition recorders, telemetry recorder workstations, strip chart recorders, ruggedized printers & ethernet switches, digital color label printing systems, barcode printing systems, label applicators, label and thermal transfer ribbon printing supplies.
  • Chart Pool USA
    Manufacturer of high quality circular recording charts made to fit all types of recording instruments. Recording chart products include strip (roll), dial (circular), fanfold and rectangular, equiped with ink writing, heat sensitive, pressure sensitive and electro sensitive graphic displays.
  • Enercorp Instruments Ltd.
    Manufacturer of humidity, temperature and pressure instrumentation used in a wide range of applications with emphasis on energy management, food processing and climate monitoring. Products include wind transmitter, stainless steel pressure transducer, ultrasonic anemometer, drying, cooking and curing controllers, SMD platinum-chip RTD temperature sensor, paperless recorder, wet/dry bulb to rH transducer, and wind speed direction transmitters. Canada.
  • Foxcroft Equipment and Service Co., Inc.
    Manufacturer of chlorine analyzer, pH analyzer, dissolved oxygen analyzer, ORP analyzer, turbidimeter, portable test kits, single loop control, compound loop control, chlorine control valve, pH control, dissolved oxygen control, telephone dialer, chart recorder, radio telemetry, data logger, gas leak detectors, chlorinators and metering pumps. USA.
  • Grass-Telefactor
    Design, manufacture, and sale of data acquisition and graphic recording systems for use in a wide variety of industrial, aerospace, and medical applications. Products include horizon long-term monitoring systems, nurse station alarm systems, PSG wireless/ambulatory systems, chart paper & recording inks, complete research systems, direct writing recorders, amplifier systems, electrodes and application products. USA.
  • Kipp & Zonen
    Manufacturer of brewer spectrophotometer, temperature profilers, scintillometers, sun trackers, sky radiometers, sun photometer, flatbed recorders, data acquisition recorder, recorder accessories, recorder consumables, pyranometers, pyrheliometer, albedometers, net and UV radiometers, aunshine duration sensors, laboratory thermopile, and data loggers. The Netherlands.
  • Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group
    Manufacturer of hand held thermal imaging camera, fever alert imaging system, fixed multipoint radiometer thermal imaging camera, hand held thermal imaging camera accessories and accessory kits, rigid and remote reading dial thermometers, bimetal thermometers, industrial thermometers, thermometer systems, thermowells and fittings, dairy thermometers, temperature recording labels, data measuring, recording & transmission Instruments, circular chart recorders, PC-11 quartz multi-speed chart drive, pressure gauges, temperature and humidity meters, temperature probe and connector systems. USA.
  • Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp.
    Manufacturer of products for commercial, institutional, industrial and nuclear power facilities. Products include fuel oil handling systems and components, boiler instrumentation and controllers, strip chart recorder, draft range transmitter, temperature aensor, burners and nuclear power plant outage reduction tools and component parts.
  • Soltec Corporation
    Specializes in data acquisition and recording products including ISO certified sensors, signal conditioning, data recorders and system integration, pen portable strip chart recorder. The company also offers automotive performance & safety test products, complete stress & strain measurement, driving robots and actuators for vehicle mileage accumulation & emissions studies, and nuclear radiation detection & measuring devices. USA.
  • Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of water level sensors, water quality sensors, water quality analyzers, soil moisture sensors, soil temperature sensors, soil conductivity and salinity sensors, water flow measurement, chart recorders, water monitoring accessories, staff gages (gauge) and weather monitoring sensors, radio modem, cellular modem, phone modem, data loggers (data acquisition platforms) for environmental monitoring sensors, event notification and process control. USA.
  • The Recorder Co.
    Manufacturing thermal printer/recorders, XY plotters, strip chart recorders (both analog and digital), data loggers, ink pens for plotters, sanford pens for circular chart recorders, low-cost and OEM temperature recorders for refrigeration. USA.

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