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Data acquisition is the process of extracting, transforming, and transporting data from the source systems and external data sources to the host processing system to be displayed, analyzed, and stored. Data acquisition typically involves production of data by one or more sources followed by various stages of processing, storage and use of the data. The components of data acquisition systems include sensors, transducers, amplifiers and other means for provision of electrical signals of a process, physical phenomena, equipment being monitored or measured. Various types of data acquisition devices exist which allow a user to collect and transmit data to a host computing device. Such devices may be data acquisition terminals, with keypad entry means and a display. The host computer system generally comprises data acquisition system hardware which is plugged into one of the I/O slots of the computer system. The data acquisition system hardware is configured and controlled by DAQ software executing on the computer system. Data acquisition systems with various configurations are commonly used in laboratory research, process monitoring and control, data logging, analytical chemistry, test and analysis of physical phenomena, and control of mechanical or electrical machinery.

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  • AiM Sports LLC
    Specializes in in motor sports and race data acquisition technology, electronics, instrumentation, data loggers, digital displays, lap timers, stopwatches and gauges for performance and race vehicles including cars, motorcycles, karts, and junior dragsters. Product lines include racing data acquisition gauges and data loggers, racing data acquisition gear, and motorcycle lap timer. USA.
  • Dagan Corporation
    Manufactures scientific instruments for microscopy, biophysics, physiology, electrochemistry, electrophysiology, and neuroscience. Products include microscope stage temperature controller, DAT data recorder, whole cell clamp, patch clamp, single and two electrode voltage clamp, cut open vaseline gap clamp, intracellular and extracellular preamplifier, stimulator and isolator, iontophoresis, perfusion controller, and pipette glass. USA.
  • DeltaTRAK, Inc.
    Manufacturer of electronic data loggers for recording critical time and temperature data, data loggers for dry ice shipments, in-transit data loggers for meat and produce shipments, electronic multifunction data loggers, EBI high range data loggers, analog temperature recorders, digital pocket probe thermometer, digital thermocouple thermometer, digital thermo-hygrometer, CDX-central data reporting system, infrared thermometers, time temperature label, and ISFET pH meters. USA.
  • Digitron Instrumentation Ltd.
    Manufacturer of food temperature products, HACCP wireless monitoring solutions, digital thermometers, food temperature recorders, infrared thermometers, portable dataloggers, high temperature dataloggers, heat flux profiling, probes & wipes, relative humidity instruments, pressure meters, HVAC professional range, air velocity instruments, intrinsically safe instruments, and digital panel meters. UK.
  • DSPCon Incorporated
    Development of real-time data acquisition and analysis systems for use in a variety of applications including acoustic analysis, shock and vibration analysis, rotating machinery analysis, digital recorder applications, radar and sonar applications, and software radio systems. Products include test facility data acquisition systems for rotating machinery analysis and structural dynamic testing, digital recorders for spectral identification analysis, andr real-time video record and playback, and software radios for wideband/narrowband IF down-conversion. USA.
  • Exacq Technologies, Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of unique board-level products for the data acquisition and the security & surveillance markets, products include high speed data acquisition board, multifunction analog I/O boards for PCI, high speed data acquisition boards for PCI, multifunction analog I/O boards for PXI bus, and data acquisition software. USA.
  • Industrial Control Links, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures hardware and software solutions to collect, record and transport information for SCADA systems, process control and industrial automation applications. Products are used primarily for SCADA, control and telemetry in applications such as water, wastewater, gas, petroleum, manufacturing, weather monitoring and environmental monitoring. USA.
  • Keithley Instruments Inc.
    Designs, develops, manufactures and markets complex electronic instruments and systems for high-volume production and assembly testing. Product offerings include integrated systems solutions, digital multimeters and data acquisition / switching systems, data acquition modules / cards, instruments and personal computer (PC) plug-in boards that can be used as system components or stand-alone solutions. USA.
  • Keynes Controls
    Provider of high resolution, distributed and/or synchronised data acquisition, control and logging systems, for applications in chemical, nuclear, water and power and defence industries undertaking such tasks as structural monitoring, sonar data acquisition, vibration monitoring of turbines and the remote monitoring of wind farms.
  • Metrum Information Storage Limited
    Manufacturer of ruggedised and high speed data recorder, modular data acquisition recorders, instrumentation data recorders, stand alone data acquisition chart recorders, distributed CANbus data acquisition system, magnetic tape products, infrared thermometer, broadband camera, automation camera, data acquisition, logging and analysis software. UK.
  • SuperLogics, Inc.
    Offers performance PCI, USB, PCMCIA, Serial, Ethernet and wireless data acquisition solutions and a wide variety of complementary products such as analog or digital sensors, data communications and industrial PCs, digital input/4 relay output system, thermocouples, accelerometers, impulse hammers, load cells, serial device, pressure sensors, RTDs, microphones, strain gages. USA.
  • Telatemp Corporation
    Produces temperature measurement devices for process, transit and storage applications used in such diverse industries as food, aircraft, automobile, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, petrochemical and HVAC. Products include irreversible temperature labels, infrared and probe thermometers, data loggers, chart recorders, humidity, pH measurement and shipping indicators. USA.

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