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Lasers can be classifed by the regions of the electromagnetic spectrum in which they operate. These regions include the infrared (IR), visible (Vis.), and ultraviolet (UV). The UV region is important because photons of these wavelengths contain enough energy to break chemical bonds and because short wavelengths can be focused more precisely than longer wavelengths. Ultraviolet light characterized in its short wavelength can be utilized for micro fabrication, and there are various demands for ultraviolet technology, such as improving the recording density in the optical read/write processing or improving the packaging density in the micro fabrication of semiconductor devices. UV light sources are also used in applications such as spectroscopy, optical testing, medicine, machining, and lithography. The use of ultraviolet light sources for sterilizing and disinfecting applications is becoming popular. When administered at the desired frequencies, durations, and intensities, ultraviolet (UV) light is able to kill a wide array of micro-organisms that include, but not limited to, bacteria, viruses, spores, algae and protozoa, without having to chemically treat the object to be disinfected. A ultraviolet light source generally consists of two primary parts, the tube and the base. The tube usually comprises a soft glass or quartz casing which holds a vaporizable material, such as mercury, and a starting gas and/or stabilizing gas, such as argon, neon, zeon or the like. The tube also includes one or more electrodes, which when provided with power, excite the gas and the vaporizable material. The excited vaporizable material causes a plasma field which generates the ultraviolet light. In addition to the tube, an ultraviolet light source typically comprises a base designed to hold the tube in place during operation.

Listings on Lighting products : Ultraviolet lights

  • American Ultraviolet Company
    Manufacturer of UV curing and UV disinfection systems, teflon-coated UV lamps for shatterproof applications, residential air purification system, UV curing systems for screen printing, UV curing systems for web printing, UV curing solutions for solvent-free manufacturing, UV water disinfection equipment, and portable UV air sterilization units. USA.
  • Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation
    Manufacturer of ultraviolet water purifiers, ultraviolet tank storage sanitizers, pond and lake reclamation systems, uv portable air and surface sanitizers, ultraviolet germicidal lamps, quartz sleeves, electronic ballast, blacklight lamp fixtures, lamp holders and sockets, ultraviolet meter, stainless steel water filters, and UVB phototherapy unit for skin disorder. USA.
  • Dust Free, Inc.
    Manufactures electrostatic air filter, medical quality multipurpose allergen control filter, air cleaner designed for use in automobiles and other small places, portable room air cleaner, flush-mount in-ceiling air cleaner, UV light for control of surface mold on smaller HVAC coils, surface and airborne microbial control, microbial control in large commercial HVAC cooling systems. USA.
  • NorLux Corporation
    Specializing in the design and manufacture of custom light emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions and applications. Products include ultraviolet light, monochromatic hex products, large LED area array, linear arrays, filament-free solid-state LED bulb, and heat sinks. USA.
  • Photo Emission Tech. Inc.
    Manufactures and markets solar simulation systems for checking photovoltaic cell performance, surface quality monitors used to measure surface cleanliness, and UV spot curing systems for diode pig tailing, lens bonding, potting, strain relief, optical component mounting, glass/metal bonding, fiber bonding, and component marking. USA.
  • Sentry Ultraviolet, Inc.
    Specializes in the research, development, application, and manufacture of ultraviolet lights, lamps, and air and water purification systems. Featured products include stainless steel ultraviolet lights and lamps, titanium PVC UV light, and decorative ultraviolet light spitters. USA.
  • Tamarack Scientific Co., Inc.
    Manufacturer of collimated contact UV exposure systems, projection scanner, large area stepper, large area proximity mask aligners , excimer laser ablation equipment (scanning projection system, step & repeat projection system, reel to reel projection system), and collimated UV light sources. USA.
  • TuiLaser AG
    Provides UV laser technology and customized solutions for medical, industrial and scientific applications. Offers UV light sources used in the medical industry for laser vision correction, glaucoma and psoriasis treatment and heart and brain surgeries. Provides the industrial sector with solutions to telecommunication, semiconductor manufacturing and micromachining challenges. Germany.
  • UVP, Inc.
    Developer and manufacturer of ultraviolet products, including UV lamps, UV transilluminators, UV cabinets, UV crosslinkers and UV intensity meters, for applications such as criminology, electrophoresis, thin-layer chromatography, sterilization, sanitation, toxicology, inspection, NDT and UV curing. UK.

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