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In recent years, the use of solar energy has received widespread attention in recent years as an approach to the conservation of energy. Solar powered lighting has become popular for lighting outdoor recreational areas and other remote locations around the home such as sidewalks, patios and pool areas. A plurality of such solar powered lamps can be disposed in any predetermined arrangement outdoors to illuminate or delineate desired areas. Solar lamps have a battery that is charged up during daylight hours by solar radiation and which provide light at night in gardens and open spaces when required. Solar powered lighting systems are comprised of one or more photovoltaic cells which are used to charge a battery. The battery in turn powers a light source; the circuit being activated upon the sensing by a photocell of a low background light level. The battery keeps the light source illuminating until the battery is drained.

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  • Carmanah Technologies Corporation
    Designs, manufactures and distributes solar powered LED (light emitting diode) products for a wide range of industrial and commercial lighting applications. Products include barricade or hazard marking light, taxiway / obstruction light, sectored threshold light, runway caution light, and infrared aviation light. Canada.
  • Incerti & Simonini S.n.c.
    Developer and manufacturer of semi-conductors (LEDs) based lamps (lighting and signalling systems with solid state lamps), integrated systems for energy management, and integrated systems for energy management. Italy.
  • JFL Industry Development Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter specialized in outdoor solar lighting systems, including solar modules, solar lawn light, solar family lamp, solar street lamp, solar brick, electronic ballasts, industry electronic lamp, household power system, solar traffic pilot lamp, and photovoltaic power systems. China.
  • Konarka Technologies, Inc.
    Develops and manufactures light-activated power plastic such as photovoltaic fibers and durable plastics providing power-generating capabilities to structures including tents, awnings, roofs, windows and window coverings. The company manufacture its photovoltaic products with custom colors and patterns to address the specific needs of consumers, businesses, and government agencies. USA.
  • PowerLight Corp.
    Designer and installer of grid-connected solar power systems. Offers a full line of products including roof-mounted, ground-mounted, and canopy solar systems, solar electric tracking system, solar electric carport system, kiosk system performance display for industrial, commercial, and government applications. USA.
  • SC Solar
    Provides custom photovoltaic solar electric systems which provide power for many applications including: solar traffic management, solar traffic warning and solar speed display, solar railroad crossings, solar school flasher systems, solar security and camera applications and other electrical requirements in the transportation industry. USA.
  • Selco India
    Provides packaged electricity systems (solar home lighting system, street and garden lights) and related appliances, systems utilize solar photovoltaic (PV) modules to provide electricity for lighting, water pumping, communications, computing, entertainment, and small business appliances.
  • Silicon Solar Inc.
    Supplies portable solar power systems, flexible solar panels, flexible panel accessories, solar electric panels, solar panel modules, RV solar panels, solar fountain pumps, floating solar water fountains, solar birdbath fountains, large solar fountains, solar garden lights, solar flood lights, solar security lights, solar flag lights, solar sign lights, solar post lights, solar spot lights, commercial solar cells, solar cells by the watt, educational solar cells, solar panel kits, educational solar kits, solar powered cars, LED solar lighting, marine solar panels, automotive solar chargers, PDA solar battery chargers, 12 volt battery chargers, travel solar battery chargers, evacuated solar collectors, flat plate solar collectors, solar hot water controllers, solar hot water storage tanks. USA.
  • SolarMasters LLC
    Develops and manufactures solar powered barricade light, solar powered outdoor security lights, solar guard light (a warning light which can be used to help eliminate incursions), solar powered high intensity type "B" light, 12-volt solar trickle charger, and versitile lanterns. USA.
  • Spectrolab, Inc.
    Manufacturer of semiconductor and lighting products. Product portfolio includes terrestrial concentrator solar cells and modules, searchlight systems, panels and arrays; and solar simulation and searchlight systems, solar simulators and photodetector products such as pigtailed photodetector packages, devices. USA.
  • Startronics Solar Lighting
    Provides solar powered lighting products for backyard sheds, public restrooms, and transit shelters. Also specialize in assembling complete 12-volt lighting packages for signs, mailbox kiosks, cabins, storage containgers, traffic warning signals and outdoor area applications. Offers a range of LED and compact fluorescent 12-volt lighting fixtures for applications where efficiency is critical. USA.
  • Sunseap Enterprises Pte. Ltd.
    Manufactures, designs, and markets a full range of photovoltaic products such as solar panels, customised glass-glass laminate (BIPV) and standard PV roof tile, solar lightings (ranging from a simple 1 LED to a sophisticated 2.000 LEDs in a single solar powered lighting system), grid connected systems and solar charge controllers.

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