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Outdoor lightings illuminate pathways, driveways, sidewalks, patios, plant beds, and lawns with outdoor lighting. Such lighting is typically used to provide illumination for practical as well as decorative purposes, including highlighting landscaping and various architectural features of various improvements. Outdoor lighting systems typically include a plurality of lighting units spaced along the road or highway, each of which includes an electric light that is supported on the distal end of a tubular mast whose proximal end is anchored into the ground. Some outdoor lighting often requires projection of light from a source in various directions and at various intensities. Some lights are suspended over the street or highway by a cantilevered support member attached to the mast. Most outdoor lighting means which are positioned in yard or garden areas unattached to building structures are in the form of fixtures attached to spikes which are embedded in the ground or to boxes attached to conduits in which wiring connections to the fixtures are provided through buried conduits. Outdoor lighting systems generally include one or more lighting fixtures which are connected to either a 12 V transformer or a standard 120 VAC line. The lighting fixtures generally include a housing, a reflector assembly having a halogen or conventional bulb, and a lens or window. Presently, there exists a variety of outdoor lighting devices that use a variety of embodiments and power sources. Various types of outdoor lighting fixtures are known. Such fixtures typically serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes in that they aid in lighting outdoor lawns, decks, patios, parking lots, driveways, and other areas, as well as being of an attractive design to complement such areas. Many outdoor ground lighting systems are timer controlled (mechanical or electronic timer) to be on for variously adjustable selected periods of time during hours of darkness. Outdoor lighting control circuits have widespread uses to control lamps for illuminating streets, parks, parking lots, and the like. The control circuits typically turn the lamps on at dusk and off at sunrise. Outdoor lighting control circuits include a photosensitive element that responds to the presence or absence of ambient light. Many outdoor luminaires, particularly street lights, are automatically turned on and off by a light sensitive device responsive to the level of natural light in the immediate area.

Listings on Lighting products : Outdoor lighting

  • Abacus Lighting Limited
    Specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of exterior lighting systems, telecommunications masts, architectural canopies and passenger shelters. Products include amenity lighting, road lighting, floodlighting, industrial lighting, specialised masts, lighting columns, raise & lower columns, raise & lower masts, raise & lower winch, fixed mast systems, telecom masts, canopies & shelters. UK.
  • Brandon Industries, Inc.
    Manufacturer of aluminum lamp posts, custom street signs, and decorative mailboxes including: antique reproduction lamp posts, period street lights, deck lights, wall sconces, stop signs, street signs, and cast aluminum mailboxes. USA.
  • King Luminaire
    Manufacturer of ornamental outdoor light fixtures, poles and other associated products. flexible hanging luminaires, traditionally shaped round luminaires, octagonally shaped luminaires, architectural acorn globes, internal refractive luminaires, external refractive pendants, spun concrete poles, ferronite cast iron poles, cast iron base/steel shaft poles, aluminum poles, single & multiple arms, twin arms, wall brackets, finials, capitals, plumbizers, lighted bollards, and non lighted bollards.
  • Outdoor Landscape Lights
    Designs and supplies handmade low voltage landscaping lights fo patio areas, pathways or water gardens. Lights are constructed of natural wood with copper and brass accents. Products include deck post light, sparkle clear textured glass lamp, iridescent opal stained glass lamp, iridescent blue stained glass lamp, 3 foot medium caramel and 2 foot frank lloyd wright lights, and confetti specialty glass lights. USA.
  • Brinkmann Corporation
    Manufacturer of outdoor cookers, smokers, outdoor lighting, flashlights and spotlights, landscape lighting, hand-held lighting, lawn and garden products, pet products, camping equipment, boat covers, Remington hunting and fishing gear, accessories and replacement parts. USA.
  • Coppermoon, Inc.
    Manufacturer of copper bullet light, brass bullet light, well light, in-ground brass light, country classic tulip path light, copper top directional path light, area illuminator, adjustable wall bracket lights, underwater lights, surface mount deck light, step light, stainless steel transformers, pluggable all purpose timer, pluggable photo cell, halogen lamp, mini wedge base incandescent lamp, and brass mounting bracket. USA.
  • Harte Designs Ltd.
    Specializes in production of outdoor lighting in cast iron to suit the widest choice of applications with many interchangeable components. Products include traditional range, heritage range, station range, slim jim range, goose neck, bollard light, swan neck range, multi arm lights, street lighting, cast iron piers, weldable gate castings, foundation frames, sign pole, bollards, post box, hanging basket units lanterns, poles, bases, and wall brackets. Ireland.
  • Liaoyuan Lighting Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, specializing in street lighting, ligting poles, high mast, steel pole for voltage distribution or transmission lines and telecommunication poles. Products include die-casting aluminium street light, garden light, lawn lamps, floodlight, lighting poles, electric post, microwave communication pole, trolley pole, and windpower tower. China.
  • Lumascape Lighting Industries
    Manufacturer of exterior, inground and underwater lighting fixtures and accessories. Products include spot and flood ligts, in ground light, underwater light, wallmount light, bollard, downlight, city range light, and groudmount light. Australia.
  • Megabay Lighting Enterprises
    Manufacturer of premium exterior lighting products and high performance LED systems, including low voltage lighting solution for H20 environments, low voltage landscape lighting solution, low voltage copper spread light, and sub-miniature fixtures. Australia.
  • Spectrum Enterprises
    Manufacturer of lighting fixtures, flying insect flashers, aviation obstruction lights, infra red heating devices, various tailor made devices for UV lamps and ultra sound pest repellers for domestic, commercial as well as industrial application. ALso manufactures complete range of luminaries for FTL / CFL / HPMV / HPSV / metal halide / halogen / dichroic and the special lamps for domestic, commercial and industrial applications both for outdoor and indoor use. India.

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